Zacharias & Elizabeth: The Golden Agers

Zacharias & Elizabeth: The Golden Agers

Zacharias & Elizabeth: The Golden Agers

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They had spent their entire adult life together. Life had been good. Zacharias served as a priest in the temple of the Most High God, while Elizabeth kept the home in showroom condition.

They only had one complaint: they had no children. For years they had prayed but … it was too late now. Elizabeth had long stopped seeing her period and they were both old.

One day, while Zacharias was burning incense before the Lord in the temple, an angel appeared to him.

“Do not be afraid, Zacharias,” the angel said to him, “for your prayer [has been] heard; and your wife Elizabeth will bear you a son”. (Luke 1:13)

Imagine Zacharias’ surprise. Not only was he seeing an angel. But this angel was telling him that the thing he had prayed about for years was going to happen.


When he was young he couldn’t have children, but now that he was almost dead he would? Now is the time that God chooses to answer that prayer? Child-bearing is impossible because his wife is also an old woman.

And here’s the lesson:

Zacharias and His Unbelief

We read the story of John’s father and we are tempted to judge him for his unbelief. You see, we know how the story ends. We already know that John the Baptist  was one of the great evangelists of the New Testament.

But we’re not being fair.

Zacharias had no way of knowing that the son he had yet to father would be “the voice crying out in the wilderness” (Isaiah 40:3) as prophesied by Isaiah. Yes we can say he had all the old stories especially that of Abraham.

So do we. And yet, how many times have we prayed fervently  for something to happen, for a breakthrough in our marriages only to give up because God was “too long” in delivering?

In fact, a better question to ask would be: when we pray for success in our marriage, do we believe that God will answer?

Let’s Pray

Father, give me faith when I pray. Help me to remember that You are a God who is capable of making the impossible happen. In Jesus’ name. Amen.

Let’s Chat

Is there something you’re praying for in your marriage today? Friend, I want you to believe that God is capable of blessing you beyond what you could possibly imagine.

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