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This writing for 31 days challenge is so exciting! First off, writing! And then there’s this community of writers all committed to getting through the next 22 days (9 down and counting) with a new post every day.

But, the absolute best thing is there are so many new things to read. And ponder. And dream about. It would be selfish to keep it to myself.

So I’m following in Laura from God Girl Revolution’s footsteps and posting a link to some of the posts that I find interesting. I’ll be using the images from their sites (I do not own them). Please feel free to check them out.

You may also go to the Write31days home page and explore other topics.

A to Z of God’s Character

What do you know about the character of God? Learn more about the character of God over the course of 31 days. Each day Sarah Frazer will teach you a new aspect of His character…and will start with another letter of the alphabet. How cool is that?

31 Days to Deeper Bible Study

Are you struggling to find meaning in your Bible study time? Maybe you need to go deeper. Go deeper in your Bible study time with these 31 Bible study tips from One Thing Alone. You’ll be glad you did.

31 Days of Psalms 139

31 Days of Psalms 139

We often quote from Psalm 139 “I’m fearfully and wonderfully made” but what does this psalm really mean? What does Psalm 139 mean to you? Join Erin Tellman as she takes you deeper into this popular psalm.

31 Days of My Life Verses

31 Days of My Life Verses

A live verse is something that governs your daily life and encourages you as you walk with God. Have you chosen a life verse to live by? Bethany Honsinger would like to share 31 of hers with you.

31 Days of Celebrating Who You Are

31 Days of Celebrating Who You Are

Do you take the opportunity to celebrate who you are? Well, Julie Lefebure invites you to join her on a journey of celebrating who you are for 31 days.


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