Write 31 Days 2016

What Are You Doing This October?

Join Me in the “Write Every Day for 31 Days” Challenge

October. The month of changing seasons and “chilly weather” for Jamaicans … the season of pumpkins pies and haunted houses for Americans … the time when writers the world over buckle down and get to writing and posting something every day.

This writing challenge was first done in 2009 by home blogger, Myquillyn Smith aka The Nester, and is now hosted by Crystal Stine.

Bloggers pick one topic and write a post on that topic every day in October.

Bloggers link up just once on day one. The linky opens on October 1st and remains open until the 5th. This gives everyone a chance to see all the topics and read the ones that most interest them (or, more realistically for the ones participating – to save the ones we want to read after the challenge is through).

Write 31 Day topics fall under the headings of:

  • Family Life
  • Fashion & Beauty
  • Food, Health & Wellness
  • House & Home
  • Inspiration & Faith
  • Personal Endeavors
  • Simplicity & Organizing
  • Too Awesome to Categorize
  • Writing, Blogging & Internet Stuff

To sign up for the write 31 challenge head over to the Write 31 Days website.

 Why Accept the Write 31 Days Challenge?

Now if you’re a blogger you’re probably wondering, “Why should I commit to writing every day for 31 days?”

Here’s my question for you: “Can you think of another way to build a resource center on a particular topic?”

Look at all the things I learned in 2015 about marriage from the Bible. Do you see now why it’s such a great idea?

Not a blogger? That’s cool. Maybe this is your chance to learn everything you can about a particular topic in 31 days. Or maybe there’s a skill you’ve been meaning to learn or sharpen… here’s your chance.

And the beauty of it is: you’re not alone.

You’d be doing it with a vibrant community. Oh sure you may be doing different things but this is the perfect time to find your tribe. Thousands of people will be using this time to explore a new skill, start a new hobby, read new blogs…

So, what are you waiting for? Let’s take the challenge together!

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