Widow from Nain

Widow from Nain

A mother had to bury her child – her only son. I can only imagine the pain she must have felt as she thought about the fact that she would no longer be able to hear his beloved voice. She would not be able to see him. To hug him, to kiss him, to give him one last piece of advice.

Widow from Nain
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To make it worse, she had done this walk before. She had buried her husband. Only that time there had been some comfort, someone to hold her hand, someone to share in her grief.


It’s always difficult to lose a child, but let’s put the story in context. There were not many jobs for women at that time. More than likely this woman was not able to work. She was depending on her son to take care of her. And now he was dead.

Where would she live? Who would go out and work so that she could have food to eat? All these thoughts probably flooded her mind, and more…

She would never have grandchildren. There would be no legacy for her family. Her husband’s name would be wiped out from among the people of Israel. Where was the redeemer now?

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The Widow with her Broken Dreams

The Widow from Nain looked ahead and all she saw was darkness. She was in a situation that looked hopeless and she was powerless to free herself.

How many of us can empathize with this widow? We have a dream that will never come to pass because …

We don’t enough money to make it happen… We don’t have the “right” connections… We don’t have a degree or the means to get one…

There are so many reasons why our hopes get dashed and our dreams shattered.

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Personal Bible Study

Read Luke 7:11-17Try to imagine the different emotions that this woman must have felt as she walked towards the place where they would bury her son.

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