The Audacity of Faith Book Review

The Audacity of Faith Book Review

The Audacity of Faith is Sam Belony’s first novel – a culmination of 7 ½ years’ work and effort. Divided into 10 chapters (including an introduction),

The Audacity of Faith begins on the premise to find the greatest five letter word in all the world. It’s faith the author concludes giving great reasons for his selection.

The book has four stages each one discussing one aspect of faith: infancy, maturity, intimacy, and culmination.

Throughout the book, Belony weaves personal experiences and stories from the Bible. He pulls the stories forward by retelling them in modern life so that readers get an inside glimpse into the lives of the Bible character.

The Audacity of Faith examines often-told Bible stories in a quest to prove that Christians – especially those that get to be called ‘friend of God’ – go through a series of phases until they get to that enviable place: God’s Hall of Faith.

As I read, I tried to determine what stage of faith I was currently in at this time of my life and what needed to be done to get to the next level. It was at this point that Belony introduced the topic of grace. It’s grace that saves through faith, he affirms. Once we have faith, God provides grace enough to cover all our sins.

Grace transforms the once ugly sinner into a beautiful child of God. This transformation leads to even greater faith – the audacious kind.

Audacious faith faces giants. It conquers countries.  It makes one bold and a little daring. Faith is the currency of life and faith in God is the greatest denomination of them all.

Overall I did not enjoy this book. I felt that it did not deliver on the audaciousness hinted at in the title. Instead, it was a collation of stories about faith from the Bible.

While it would count as a good study of faith in the Bible, I was a little disappointed because I did not finish the book with a sense that I could now be audacious in my faith.

Have you read The Audacity of Faith by Sam Belony? What was your opinion?

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