Revise To Go Forward

Revise To Go Forward

Revise, according to the Online Dictionary means, to reread work done previously to improve one’s knowledge of a subject, typically to prepare for an examination.

My son and I have been having a repeated conversation: revise the things that you have previously leant, especially those things that you’ve gotten wrong. My hope for him is that he will get into the habit of learning from his mistakes to the point where eventually he will make fewer errors… or at least not make the same ones.

Here’s the thing though: do I take my own advice? Do I willingly look back at yesterday’s mistakes and try to learn from what went wrong? Do I revise what was done before moving on so as to prevent a reoccurrence?

How are you doing in that area my friend?

Do you look back? Or are you completely focused on looking ahead?

Don’t get me wrong – looking ahead is an awesome thing. But if you don’t also look behind, will your plan be complete? Can we truly move forward if not for the lessons from the trials of yesterday?

Nicodemus is one such man who looked behind to move ahead. If not for that he would not have realized that he had been dishonest in his dealings. Without that practice of looking back, he would have been unable to move forward into his destiny.

Are you willing to revise the plan by looking back at the previous events?

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