Resources for Fighting Fear 

Resources for Fighting Fear

Fighting Fear Resources
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Congratulations! You’re at the end of the 31 Days of Facing Your Fears challenge (if this is the first post you’re reading, check out the rest of the series here).

Over the past few weeks, we’ve covered a number of fears. We have looked at the lives of some men and women who were able to overcome their fears. They realized that the key to facing fear is to remain connected to God. Easier said than done, right? I know. That’s why I created this resource for fighting fear. It’s so that when we forget what we ought to do, we have someplace to run to.

Books for Fighting Fears

Let. It. Go.  By Karen Ehman – For persons who have a fear of losing control, this book is a must-read. Karen invites you to let go of your control and learn that there’s freedom in not trying to control everything. Read my full review.

What Happens When Women Walk in Faith by Lysa Terkeurst – Lysa walks us through some of her experiences and shows the awesome things that can happen when we forget our fear and walk in the measure of faith that God has given us.

Enough by Sharon Jaynes – If being yourself is something that you’re afraid of, Sharon exposes some common lies that we women tell ourselves. She equips us with tools and Scripture to fight the enemy when he comes telling lies. Read my full review.

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The Incredible Power of Prayer by Roger Morneau – The short read is a testimony of answered prayers. The writer will amaze you with the miracles that God did for him and encourage you to approach the throne of God boldly to see what He will do for you.

Therefore I Have Hope by Cameron Cole – Cameron’s story starts with the death of his child – the absolute worst thing that he thought could happen to him. But he drew closer to God and was able to glean twelve principles to get through his grief. These twelve things are great tools for fighting fear. Read my full review.

Into the Deep by Lauren Gaskill – This book compares fear fighting to swimming. Lauren encourages her readers to swim in the deep with Jesus because that’s where faith gets strong.

Face Your Fears by Aminata Coote – This is a compilation of seven days from the 31 days on Facing Our Fears series. This is my free gift to you when you join my mailing list. If you are already a subscriber, it is available for download in the Resource Library.

Songs for Fighting Fear

Something happens to our spirit when we hear people who love God singing about Him or to Him. That’s why I’ve created this YouTube playlist for us. It’s not an all-inclusive list, but the songs here are ones that have drawn me closer to God. Feel free to suggest your favorites in the comment so we can to the list.

This one is my absolute favorite fear fighting song:

Quotes About Fighting Fear

This Pinterest board has some powerful quotes we can turn to when fear threatens to overwhelm us.

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Tell me, what fears did you conquer this month? Where do you still need to put some more effort? What’s in your fear fighting resource kit?

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