Remember to be Grateful and Thankful

Sometimes we find ourselves complaining about a situation that cannot be changed right now, we become discontent because life isn’t as we expected it to be. Ann Marie Pablico from Changed Life invites us to remember to be grateful and thankful at all times.

Remember to be Grateful and Thankful
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There’s Always A Reason to be Thankful

I was doing my daily devotion with the Lord when suddenly, my mind shifted to the reality that I was very sick. The supposedly enjoyable time with God was replaced with murmuring and ingratitude as I became impatient with my condition, “Lord, please heal me now. I know You can do it if you will. I am tired of staying inside this house. I want to out and work.” As I came to my senses, I immediately brushed off these wandering thoughts and regained my focus on the Lord.

Right after I had my quiet time, I eagerly grabbed my phone to log in to my social media account. As I was browsing, I came across an article written by my previous colleague whom I had not heard any news about. I got curious, so I opened the link and continued reading until the last word.

It was an article intended to raise funds for her beloved husband who was suffering from a chronic disease. I was shocked and felt sad about this colleague as I had ministered to her in the past. I immediately sent a private message and asked about the condition of her husband. She told me her husband had been battling his chronic disease since 2015.

Choosing to be Grateful

The thought came rushing to my mind. It had been almost three years now. I asked if they had already sought help from the authorities. She mentioned that she already had and an organization had been able to raise almost $22,000 for his operation.

I was taken aback. “Praying for your husband. The Lord holds our life,” was the only comfort I could possibly extend.

As we ended our conversation, a sense of guilt crept inside my heart. A few minutes ago, I had been complaining to the Lord and asking Him to heal me as soon as possible. My situation paled in comparison with what she was going through. She’s the breadwinner and a mother of three.

I could not imagine how hard her situation was. I realized that I don’t even have the right to complain. I am not in the position to grumble because I am still blessed with so many things. Being able to wake up and do my devotion today or having this energy and wisdom to write – these are some things I could be grateful for.

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I immediately repented of that sin of ungratefulness and asked the Lord to help me count my blessings and give thanks no matter what.

“Lord, thank you for another day to live.”

“Lord, thank you for a supportive family and friends.”

“Lord, thank you for your daily provision that despite not being able to work, you are providing for my needs.”

“Thank you for everything, Lord, and please forgive me.”


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It felt like after uttering these words of thanksgiving and prayers, the peace and comfort of the Lord dwelt in me. The burden that I felt earlier was suddenly replaced with joy. Indeed, there is joy in gratefulness! I remembered to be grateful.

Thankfulness and gratefulness are the antidotes to depression. The Apostle Paul reminded the people of Thessalonica to give thanks in all circumstances because it is the will of God concerning them (1 Thessalonians 5:18). Does it say good and pleasant circumstances only? Definitely not, but all! To paraphrase Job, “we receive good at the hand of God, and also evil (adversities and tragedies)” (Job 2:10).


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Remember to be Grateful

When circumstances overwhelm us, our initial reaction is to complain and grumble. This reminds us of the story of the Israelites who did not do anything but to complain to the Lord. Do we want to make the same mistake they did? I hope not.

That is why we always need to remind ourselves to count our blessings and give thanks for everything. We have different circumstances and battles in life, but whatever you and I are facing, we are commanded to give thanks.

Life is short.

Let’s learn to appreciate things and people. Let us count our blessings so we will know how many we are receiving. We may not understand why we experience an event or situation, but the Lord is not obligated to explain this to us. He is God and we are His creation. If you are in a circumstance that you think is unbearable, don’t look down or sideways. With bended knees, look up! Remember to be grateful, the Lord is looking down on us.


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What are you thankful for?

Is there any ungratefulness in your heart that is preventing you from totally experiencing the joy and peace of God? remember to be grateful and cast all your cares unto the Lord for He cares for you.

Ann is a single follower of Christ. She is passionate about ministering to people and serving the Lord in various ministries in which God has allowed her to participate.

She currently resides in Vietnam for mission exposure.

Her dream is to write books for women. She desires to have a ministry that would encourage women in serving the Lord with all their hearts, minds, and souls. Connect with Ann on her Facebook.


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