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Reading the Bible is one of the best ways we can spend our time, but what do you read each day? Where do you even start? I’m so glad you asked–that’s where printable Bible reading plans come in handy.

Why You Need a Printable Bible Reading Plan

As I said earlier, a monthly reading plan can take the guesswork out of your quiet time. Instead, of wasting the precious moments of your devotional time trying to figure out what to read, you can approach your time with a plan.

Monthly Bible reading plans are also great when you want to zero in on a topic. Since many Bible reading plans are topical, you get to spend a focused amount of time reading or studying a particular topic.

How to Use A Monthly Bible Reading Plan in Your Devotional Time

12 month Printable Bible reading plan
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Using a monthly reading plan is simple. All you have to do is download it, grab your Bible study supplies, and start reading (printing is optional). But here are a few other ways you can use your Bible reading plan:

1. Use the plan as a guideline for studying the Bible. Instead, of just reading the verses or passages, choose to go a little deeper. If you want to learn how to study the Bible, here are some resources to help:

2. Use the monthly Bible reading plan as a Scripture writing plan. After reading or studying the text, spend some time writing the verses in a notebook or journal. As you do, meditate on the words and think about what God is trying to teach you.

Free 12-Month Printable Bible Reading Plan

If you’re interested in starting a monthly Bible reading plan, I’d like to share this free resource with you. This 12-month reading plan focuses on a different topic each month and encourages you to spend time in the Word.

This monthly Bible reading plan is designed for you to read a verse or passage of Scripture five days per week with two days off. Use those two days to catch up on your reading or to go deeper by studying a passage of Scripture from the week’s reading.

These are the topics you’ll explore in this 12 month printable Bible reading plan: 

  • January – Let’s make a change
  • February- All about love
  • March – The promises of God
  • April- The sacrifice and resurrection of Jesus
  • May- The traits of a godly woman
  • June- Tips to become a godly leader
  • July- Freedom in Christ
  • August- Let’s share the gospel
  • September- Cultivate Perseverance
  • October- Spiritual warfare weapons
  • November- Let’s live intentionally and gratefully
  • December- Have faith in God

I look forward to having you join the community so we can grow in the Lord together. My hope is that as you read or study the passages in each of the topical reading plans, you will gain a deeper understanding of the character of God and the love He has for each of His children.

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