10 Engaging Podcasts for Christian Women

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As a Christian woman, I’m always on the lookout for things that will help to encourage and increase my faith. One of these resources for faith-building has been podcasts for Christian women.

What Is a Podcast?

A podcast is basically an audio file that can be downloaded for listening on a phone, tablet, or personal computer. While a lot of podcasts are only audio, there are some podcasts that are audio-visual. Depending on where the podcast is hosted, you may need to download an app to listen to the podcast episode.

The easiest way to think of a podcast is like a radio show on a particular topic. The podcast is built around a topic and all episodes will in some way relate to it.

Are Podcasts Free to Listen?

Yes. Podcasts are free to subscribers or those who want to listen without subscribing. A podcast makes money through affiliate marketing and sponsorship. Now because this isn’t a blog post about how to start a podcast, let’s talk about the fun stuff…like why you might listen to Christian podcasts or the best podcast for Christian women.

Listening to Top Podcasts Can Increase Your Faith

If you’ve spent even a second on this website you know how much I love Hebrews 12:1-2, what you may not know is why I love those two verses. It’s because of Jesus, but it’s also because of the witnesses.

Therefore we also, since we are surrounded by so great a cloud of witnesses, let us lay aside every weight, and the sin which so easily ensnares us, and let us run with endurance the race that is set before us, looking unto Jesus, the author and finisher of our faith, who for the joy that was set before Him endured the cross, despising the shame, and has sat down at the right hand of the throne of God (Hebrews 12:1-2 NKJV).

This Christian faith can be lonely. But walking with a cloud of faithful witnesses makes it easier. And maybe you can’t find that community of like-minded believers in the physical space where you live. Still, podcasts give you a way to tap into another believer’s experience for a minute or however long the episodes last.

When you listen to a podcast for Christian women, it reminds you that there are others who are also walking with Christ. These women use their experiences to encourage others and speak truth into their soul. As you listen to Christian women podcasts, you may gain an understanding of a particular Scripture you never had before. Best of all, you realize that you’re not alone. And that God is still faithful. He has not left you alone.

10 Podcasts for Christian Women

I’m sure there are many reasons to listen to a podcast such as entertainment or humor, but I choose to listen to those that will either teach me something or increase my faith. Here are some of the Christian women podcasts I enjoy.

Christian Women Podcasts to Increase Your Faith

These podcasts typically cover topics that are spiritual. Their aim is to encourage women in their walk with Christ. They talk about things that a lot of Christians will experience in their walk with God.

Proverbs 31 Ministries Podcast

Kaley Olson and Meredith Brock of Proverbs 31 Ministries host this podcast. Their tagline is biblical truth for any girl in any season and they strive to live up to this. They focus on teaching biblical truth that women can really zero in on to strengthen and increase their faith. Occasionally, they will have guests from Proverbs 31 Ministries, She Speaks, or Compel.

I enjoyed the episode What Do We Do With Church Hurt? because sometimes we forget that the people who hurt us in the church are people first. It reminded me to look at other believers with more compassion because maybe, just maybe, they’re going through hard stuff, too.

Listen to the Proverbs 31 Ministries podcast for Christian women.

That Sounds Fun with Annie F Downs

This podcast focuses on what Christian author and speaker Annie F. Downs thinks is fun. She shares some of her favorite things: new books, faith conversations, restaurants, travel stories, musicians, and interviews with her friends. What I like about this Christian podcast is that the conversation continues on Annie Down’s YouTube channel. There is usually a short video that has a little more detail on the topic discussed in the podcast episode.

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Annie Downs and Amena Brown talked about the importance of walking through your singleness and walking the path that God has set before you. They talk about infertility, marriage, and so many other things that you really want to be a part of this conversation.

Listen to the That Sounds Fun Podcast

WHOA That’s Good Podcast with Sadie Robertson

Sadie Robertson’s podcast focuses on conversing with persons who influenced her life through music, books, or another medium. She starts her conversation by asking her guest to share one piece of advice they received that has benefited them. She ends each podcast with a good advice/bad advice section.

While this podcast is geared towards a younger audience—college-aged to early twenties—there’s a lot of good content here.

I really enjoyed the episode Find Your Voice, where she talked with Miles Fidell about the importance of being yourself as you go about doing what is it that God has called you to do.

Listen to WHOA That’s Good Podcast.

Praying Women Christian Podcast

Do you long to be a praying woman? Then this podcast is for you. Hosts Alana Terry and Jaime Hampton focus on the power of prayer and speak to guests who have experienced God’s ability to answer prayers in sometimes unexpected ways.

This conversation between Jaime Hampton and Kay Arthur about prayer and mental health served as a powerful testimony of what happens when God doesn’t answer our prayers the way we expect Him to.

Listen to the Praying Christian Women Podcast.

Self-Development Christian Podcasts

Podcasts in this category are geared at helping you to improve some areas of yourself, whether it’s your entrepreneurship skill or the way you think about the news or current events. These Christian podcasts look at how you can live in this world while using your skills to glorify God.

SHE Podcast with Jordan Lee Dooley

The SHE Podcast is all about the actions you can take now to become the woman you envision in the future. Jordan Lee Dooley talks a lot about entrepreneurship and how to put things in place so you can live a life with margins. But she talks about her faith too because she understands nothing is possible without Christ.

I enjoyed the conversation between Jordan Lee Dooley and Jennie Allen on how we can stop the spiral of toxic thoughts. As believers, we have to learn techniques to capture every thought because the truth is, a lot of what we say to ourselves is negative and if we’re going to run the race set before us, we have to stop negative self-talk.

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Truth’s Table Podcast

Truth’s Table podcast is hosted by three friends, Ekemini Uwan, Michelle Higgins, and Christina Edmondson. They talk about life in general, but they do it from a Christian viewpoint. You’ll enjoy the camaraderie between these women.

The episode Truth’s Table’s Classroom: Grace For Liars reminds us that God offers grace that covers all of our sins.

Listen to Truth’s Table podcast.

Healthy Christian Woman Podcast

This podcast for Christian women focuses on the health of the whole body. Dr. Melody Stevens talks about things that affect the spiritual, physical, and emotional health of her listeners. She encourages you to stop failing before you get started. Many times, we talk ourselves out of doing things because we’ve convinced ourselves that we’ve already failed so there’s nothing we can do.

Listen to Healthy Christian Woman Podcast.

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Bible Study Podcasts

These podcasts help you dig into the Word of God. They either unpack a part of Scripture for you to understand it better or take you through an entire Bible study.

Flower Mound Women’s Bible Study Podcast

This Christian podcast is by women’s Bible study author Jen Wilkin. While it is not an active podcast, there is a lot of outstanding Bible study material on the site, and the best thing is that each study comes with a workbook that can be downloaded for free. This is a wonderful space for women who want to dig into God’s Word–one book at a time.

Listen to Flower Mound Women’s Bible Study Podcast

Harvest with Greg Laurie

This podcast by Pastor Greg Laurie is a superb choice for the Christian woman who wants to learn more about what the Bible says. This podcast is presented as short sermons. Pastor Laurie uses the Bible to deliver a message to increase your faith.

In the podcast episode The Cure to Worry, Pastor Laurie shared three tips that will redirect our thoughts when anxiety wants to overwhelm us.

Listen to Harvest Podcast with Pastor Greg Laurie

The Bible and the English Major Podcast

Hosted by Maren Jo Schneider, The Bible and the English Major Podcast offers an in-depth look at the stories in the Bible. Maren invites her listeners to have an intellectual conversation about the Bible, dissecting the stories considering the relevance of the time they occurred in, but also drawing parallels to modern life.

This podcast is perfect for women who like to geek out on all things biblical. Subscribe to The Bible and the English Major Podcast.

How to Benefit the Most from Your Favorite Podcast for Christian Women

So what happens when you find a podcast episode you love? There are several things you can do so you don’t lose that message.

1. Download the podcast so you can listen to it again when you need to be reminded of the lesson you learned. There are some fantastic podcasts and you definitely don’t want to download every episode you like. But you can create a folder on your computer, phone, or another device for the podcast episodes that really spoke to you (don’t they all?)

I would suggest sub-folders so you can really categorize them. For example, Bible study, productivity, my calling, etc.

2. Make notes. Yes, one benefit of a podcast is that you can listen to an episode while doing other things. But if you hear a message that resonated with you, carve some time out to listen to it again—this time with pen and paper. I especially love to do this with podcasts that give me insight into a passage of Scripture.

I write my notes on a sheet of paper and insert the paper directly into my Bible so that when I read that passage in the future that teaching is always there for me to review if I choose to.

3. Think about it. It’s one thing to listen to brilliant speakers who appear on Christian women podcasts, but information has to be absorbed for it to become knowledge. Faith is intellectual. I fully believe that God wants us to think deep thoughts as we work out our salvation. He wants us to ponder and meditate on the voices we allow to influence us. Ultimately, everything that gets into our hearts should have a strong scriptural foundation.

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4. Take action. Listening and making notes is great, but if action is required, take it! You may need to do it one small thing at a time. Make a plan of action and do one little thing every day until you meet your objectives.

Podcasts for Christian Women Can Be Fun!

I must admit, I’ve been binge-watching—er, binge-listening—to Christian women podcasts recently. And I’ve realized that there are many different podcasts out there. Some are very formal and structured, while others are more laid-back and fun. Some podcasts are short –ranging from five to ten minutes, whereas others are over 60 minutes.

If you choose to listen to a podcast for Christian women to increase your faith or to walk alongside your tribe, spend some time listening to various voices. Find the style that works best for you. There are so many podcasts out there—with more being launched every day—that I’m sure you’ll find one that’s the right fit for you. Because more than anything, Christian women podcasts should be fun!

Do you listen to Christian podcasts? Share your favorite podcast for Christian women so that others can listen and increase their faith.

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10 Engaging Podcasts for Christian Women
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