The best way to know more about God is to study His Word. Dig into the Bible with me and learn more about the God you serve because to know Him is to love Him.

When we decide to become Christians, we made a choice to live as God commands instead of what the world dictates. Explore what it means to be a Christian.

Become a student of God’s Word. Learn to study the Bible for yourself through various Bible study methods, such as, verse-by-verse, character studies, and thematic studies.

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Adam & Eve: Learning to Be Satisfied The story of Adam and Eve should have been a lesson to us on how to live a contented life. But it wasn’t. It was about the dangers

Adam & Eve: Our Choices Matter Our fore-parents Adam and Eve were living a perfect life. They had everything they needed and should have been our examples of how to walk with God. Instead, they

What God says about complaining

What God Says About Complaining When I don’t like something, complaining about it is my default response. Sometimes it’s out loud. Other times it’s in my head.  Are you also like that? A friend challenged

God's Grace When You Feel Like A Failure

God’s Grace When You Feel Like A Failure I know your secret. There are times when you feel like a failure. You don’t remember that you were saved by grace or that your Heavenly Father

Do we believe the positive words we tell ourselves

There have been hundreds, maybe thousands of books written about the power of positive words of affirmation and positive thinking. The words we tell ourselves can either motivate us to action or trap us in

What does it mean to be wise

What Does It Mean To Be Wise Growing up in Jamaica I heard a lot of pithy wisdom wrapped in one sentence quotes. This was especially true of the older folks. It seemed as though

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