The best way to know more about God is to study His Word. Dig into the Bible with me and learn more about the God you serve because to know Him is to love Him.

As Christians, we choose to live as God commands. The process of spiritual growth is one that takes a lifetime. Explore the Bible and grow in your faith.

Become a student of God’s Word. Learn to study the Bible for yourself through various Bible study methods, such as, verse-by-verse, character studies, and thematic studies.

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You've decided to follow God and joined your local church, but what is the purpose of the church? Why should you align with the broken body of Christ?

lack wisdom seek wisdom

Do you lack wisdom? You’re in luck. One of the benefits of being a Christian is that you can seek wisdom from God. But what if you’ve never thought about asking God for help in

God sees everything

Did you know that God watches over us? In a world that sometimes seems as if it has gone crazy, it's hard to believe that a loving God exists and is caring for His people, but He does.

lies we tell ourselves

Sometimes we lie to ourselves. A lot of times these lies have little or no consequence but every once in a while, the lies we tell ourselves can be devastating.

where is God when we suffer

Bad things happen all the time. There is death, disease, and suffering. When these things happen to people who we think are “bad people” we may feel justified. But it’s different when bad things happen


You want to spend time with God, but it’s hard. You only have so many hours in the day and multiple things competing for your attention. It seems as though spending time with God is

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