Our Hope in Christ

Our Hope in Christ

Our hope is in Christ not in the systems of this world.Image courtesy of Canva.com

My son is studying the African slave trade in school. The text is a lot more graphic than I remember it being when I was at that age.

The slaves were treated as property and subjected to very harsh treatment. Right away it had me thinking about our walk as Christians.

Paul is famous for calling us slaves or prisoners of Christ. He is always pointing out the difference in our lives now that we walk according to our faith in Christ. Our walk was different when we were walking according to the dictates of the world.

The big difference between the two states: hope.

Those slaves had no hope. They only had an expectation of harsh treatment and more harsh treatment. And so it is with us when we choose to walk according to the world.

We can never meet the standard it sets because the second we do, they are change the expectations and meeting them become more difficult. The bar is always being raised higher.

As a follower of Christ we have hope.

The life that we’re living may not be easy but we have hope of a better future, a better tomorrow. We can hope that when we see Jesus we will receive our reward in heaven and in the new earth.

Can you imagine how maudlin life would be if our only hope was more of the same? What if the system that exists here continued as it was?

What’s your biggest hope for when Jesus returns?

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