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Make A Choice

Do you have difficulties making decisions? Do you vacillate between two opinions…? All. The.time? Maybe it’s time to work on your resolve.

Make a choice for the new year - be intentional about your decisions

Definitions defines choose as:

1. The selection of a person or office by a vote

2. A public vote upon a proposition submitted

3. The act of electing

4. [Theology] The choice by God of individuals as for a particular work or favor or salvation


Learning to Choose

The absolute best–in my humble opinion–story in the Bible about choice is found in Joshua 24.

Now you have to go back in time and imagine this old man giving a speech in front of the huge mass of people.

There were no speaker boxes or anything like that so you had to be really quiet if you wanted to hear. The crowd is hushed. Babies and small children are shushed.

Then the old man begins speaking.

He starts telling the story of legends. He tells about the God who worked miracles and delivered his people from bondage.

He talked about a God mightier than all the other gods. Then he tells the people: “You have a choice. Choose to serve a god. Either you’re going to serve the ineffectual gods of the people around you or you’re going to serve the God who has delivered his people with such a mighty hand.”

“As for me and my house,” continues the old man, “We will serve the Lord.”

Now I love this story for many reasons. The main one being the fact that here’s Joshua standing before them as leader of the tribe. The same Joshua who, forty years before, had been on the verge of being stoned by the ancestors of these people.

How he found the courage to say those words after his history with them is completely mind-boggling. But it speaks to the relationship he had with God. He had made a choice and he was confident that it was the right one.

Are you making the right choices? Decisions that you can stand behind, five, even ten years after the fact?

I also love the fact that Joshua spoke for his entire household which just goes to show that the husband has a great role to play in the family.

Are you being called to make better decisions? Better food choices? Do you need to repair the family altar? Whatever it is remember we can do all things through Christ who strengthens and encourages us.

We will serve the Lord - Joshua 24:15

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