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Bloom Where You Are Led

Recently a phrase has become popular on the internet “bloom where you are planted” – the understanding is that wherever you are you should be a blessing. But what if you’re not actually “planted” anywhere? What if God has called you to be a pilgrim? At least for the moment. How does that apply to you?

I better thing I think is to bloom where you are led. Bloom in whatever your situation. Bloom in spite of your wandering state.


The Online Dictionary defines bloom as “to produce flowers or to be in flower.”

Have you ever asked yourself why plants produce flowers?


Let’s look at it together.

The main reason why plants flower is for the purpose of reproduction. One flower uses the wind to get its pollen to new places. Another might use insects, such as bees, to get their pollen to new locations.

Ultimately though, pollen – under the right conditions – eventually becomes a new plant which produces more flowers which produce more pollen …. Er, you get the point (you can read more about that here).

So why bloom where you are led? Why not bloom where you are planted?

He will bless those who love the Lord both great and small.

Blooming Where Planted

In order for a plant to grow, the right conditions need to be present: enough air, sunlight, water, and nutrients in the soil. If even one of these is a little bit off, the plant will not survive.

Is that the kind of Christian we should be?

Those who need the right conditions to shine? What if the conditions are less than ideal? What happens then?

While I agree that we need certain things like enough time in the presence of the Son, I have a thought … wouldn’t it be better if we could bloom where God leads us?

Blooming Where He Leads

Have you ever wondered how a cactus can survive in the arid conditions of the desert?

Instead of just blooming where you are planted, bloom where you are led.

Nothing else seems to grow there. Yet these hardy plants survive and even thrive in that hostile environment.

Have you ever noticed how beautiful cactus is when in bloom?

Maybe it’s because the colors are completely unexpected. Maybe it’s the combination of the prickly plant and the delicate flower. Whatever it is, it’s absolutely beautiful.

I like to think that Christians should be like the cactus – not in the sense of being prickly (definitely not!) but in the sense that we bloom in completely unexpected places.

Because you know what? That would mean that our bloom is from a supernatural source. That would mean our bloom comes from God.

Today I challenge you not to bloom where you are planted but to bloom where you are led.

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