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There was a crusade in Roehampton, St. James. Two friends decided to go one night to hear what the pastor had to say. To make this story easier to tell, let’s call one Mary and the other Jane. The first night they went, Jane was convicted by the altar call. She felt that she needed to go up for prayer and as a sign that she had heard the Holy Spirit and been convicted. She turned to Mary, “Let’s go together.”

“No,” Mary replied. Over and over Jane appealed to Mary but the answer remained unchanged. Finally, Jane made the walk to the altar herself. The next night, Jane visited Mary at the shop/bar that she owned. “Let’s go to the crusade tonight,” Jane said.

“No,” Mary replied. “I didn’t open last night so I have to open tonight. I need to make some money.” Jane pleaded with Mary but it was no use. Jane left Mary and went to the crusade alone. Sometime later, there was a loud bang. Pastor Dyer looked up. From his vantage point, he could see the shop across the street where Mary worked. But instead of seeing the concrete building, he saw truck wheels spinning in the air.

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He ran from the tent to the scene of the accident. A water truck, loaded with water, had fallen on top of the shop. The occupants of the shop, including Mary, had been crushed to death. Pastor Dyer climbed on top of the truck to see if anyone inside could be rescued.

He tried to pull the driver out but met with resistance. He realized the driver’s leg had gone through the floor of the truck. The driver’s leg was had broken and the angle of the broken limb was serving as an anchor to pin the man inside the truck. The pastor called for assistance.

By that time, a crowd and gathered and some of the people were predicting that the truck was going to explode. Smelling the gasoline, Pastor Dyer called for them to be quiet. He did not want to hear that the truck was going to explode. He was standing on the truck and he was determined not to die that day. He was also determined not to allow the gentleman inside the wrecked truck to die either.

By following the pastor’s instruction to bend the broken limb and push it back into the truck, the two men were able to rescue the driver from the truck.

As Pastor Dyer recounted this story, his sadness was evident.  He had two points of regret:

1.      That Mary had not accepted the invitation of the Holy Spirit

2.      That the driver – who had filled the baptismal pool the week before – had not chosen to give his life to Christ. When the pastor had invited him to be baptized his response was “Sorry, not today.”

This true story was told in a sermon by Pastor Dyer called Obedience Is Better than Sacrifice.

Why Not Today?

I shared this story because there are times when we allow our fear to prevent us from walking in faith. We always seem to think we have another opportunity to do what God has called us to do.

We don’t know how long we have on this earth. We don’t know whether an opportunity will come again or not. All we can be sure of is this chance at this moment. Instead of saying, “Sorry, not today.” Let’s ask ourselves, “Why not today?”

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Challenge: What has the Holy Spirit been prompting you to do? What is preventing you from moving forward in faith?

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