Noah & Mrs. Noah: The Dreamer and His Wife

Noah & Mrs. Noah: The Dreamer and His Wife

Noah & Mrs. Noah: The Dreamer and His Wife

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“Make yourself an ark. I’m going to destroy the earth with a flood. (Genesis 6:14-17)” God spoke. Noah listened and obeyed. But can you imagine how his wife must have taken that message?

Noah, God Wants You to Do What, Now?

I can just imagine it. Noah comes in from the field one evening and tells his wife: “I’m going to build an ark.”

Mrs. Noah looks at him. “A what now?”

He replies, “An ark. A really big boat. A floating house?” He tries to make his sentiment clear as she stands there looking at him as if he’s gone crazy.

“Oh-kay.” She says. “Why are you building a – what d’ya call it? Ark?”

“God’s gonna send a flood.”

“A what now?”

“A flood. It’s going to rain.”

“It’s going to do what?”

“Rain. Water’s going to fall from the sky.”

“Oh-kay.” In the manner of mothers everywhere I picture Mrs. Noah going over and putting her hand to his forehead to check his temperature. It’s obvious he’s not well. Maybe the heat got to him. Maybe he was tossed by a camel or a donkey and bumped his head.

A number of years had passed since Enoch was taken and God had watched as mankind became more and more evil and corrupt. Did God still communicate with man? We have no idea as there is no record of it in the Bible. What we do know is when God spoke in Genesis 6, Noah knew exactly Who it was that was talking to him. And he did not hesitate to obey.

Noah may have felt foolish as he built the ark to God’s specifications and preached the message that had been laid on his heart. But Noah knew that the safest place to be in any crisis is in the center of God’s will. So he built and he preached but his message fell on deaf ears.

Noah knew he was doing what God had asked him to do so even if his¬†faith¬†wavered, he had assurance that came directly from God. But Mrs. Noah …

The Bible is silent about how she must have responded but I think the very silence is a telling tale. It may have sounded crazy but God said it, her husband build it and she obeyed. Her submission saved her life.

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There may be times when God gives a man a message to save his family. As wives and mothers and daughters, are we willing to submit and be obedient or do we stiffen our necks and disobey? God may give a man a message to tell to the world but as husbands and sons and fathers, will the man stand up for what God commands?

Let’s Pray

Lord, help husbands to lead as You command going where You send them and doing as You ask. Help wives to follow as instructed as long as submission is according to Your will. In Jesus’ name. Amen.

Let’s Chat

If you were Mrs. Noah – not knowing what rain or flood meant – what would you have done? If your partner comes to you today and tells you that the family has to do something totally unbelievable like build an ark what would you do?

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