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Meet Nichole

Today we continue our quest to meet new Christian bloggers. Nichole Shirell blogs at The Odyssey.  She is a poet and writer and has a ministry to encourage others – a lot of which is done on social media.

Meet Nichole Shirell: poet, writer and encourager

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Q: Tell us a little bit about your ministry.

A: I have participated in a pray conference call where I was one of a team of four. I had the privilege of being a part of this amazing team from March until November 2016.

My ministry is now through writing articles and poems. I am occasionally asked to pray with or for others. I enjoy all.

Q: How did you know this was what God called you to do?

A: This is a great question. After many years of running from God, I had no choice but to sit still and listen to the Holy Spirit.

I became so pained in my heart that I had to repent and learn more about Jesus and salvation.

As I studied and prayed I began to develop a relationship with keen discernment. One day, I heard/thought: write. And that is how it began.

Q: Tell us about a time when you weren’t obedient to his leading.

A: There are several times that I have fallen short and have been disobedient. However, when those times occurred I usually [sensed it] through conviction and in repentance asked God for forgiveness and corrected the behavior.

In addition to the Holy Spirit, I have a small strong circle that I can depend on for counsel.

Q: What advice do you have for someone who’s struggling to find their ministry?

A: We must understand that our purpose is to share salvation. That is the most important thing. Believe in Jesus Christ, Repentance of Sin, and Baptism. How you deliver the message of salvation is up to you. Identify your strengths, passions, and skills.

Pray first and do what you feel led to do. God will bless your efforts.

Q: What are some of the things on your 2017 vision board?

A: Running a 5k, writing and publishing my first book, continuing to study the word of God

Q: What led you to create a vision board?

A: I have a friend who introduced me to the concept.

Q: If you could give three tips to someone who had never created a vision board but wanted to, what would they be?

A: My tips are:

1. Create the board with all of your goals for the upcoming year in December.

2. Have two boards, each in a place where you will spend most of your day.

  • At work on your desk.
  • At home – close to a home office space.

3. Remember your positive attitude will ensure your success.

Q: What does your devotional time look like?

A: I pray, read and study all the time. I have no set time. I am intentional and seek prayer calls or teachings that speak the truth and teach the Bible.

I also share this information with anyone and everyone who will listen. I make every effort to attend Sunday school, regular sermons, and bible study weekly. I desire to know and learn the word. For me, that means no distractions.

[I enjoy] reading for understanding so that I can quickly help others and have a strong foundation.

Q: What’s next for Nichole?

A: I recently began sharing my poetry in open mics/speakeasies. I will use this platform to share Christian poetry. I am very new and very excited.

Q: Describe what a ‘perfect’ day looks like for you.

A: A perfect day is every day I rise. I choose to make an impact on all I come in contact with -one where they can feel Christ. Some of these days require more praying and meditation than others. But I know my God is bigger than anything man or the enemy can throw my way.

Some of Nichole’s poems are included in the book: ‘Unraveling the Layers, Memoirs of a Wounded Soul.’ The books are available for purchase through the link:

Meet Nichole Shirell: poet, writer, encourager

Nichole Shirell is best known for her articles that are published on The Odyssey Online. She is the creator of IamNicholesf blog which published its first devotional March 2016.

She has also published poetry on both the Odyssey Online and Niume. She is a writer, poet, encourager, and motivator.

Connect with Nichole on FacebookOdysseyTwitter or Pinterest.

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