Matthew 13

Finding Compassion in Matthew 13

The kingdom of heaven is like a man who planted good seed. Some of which fell on the rocks, some on shallow ground and others in good soil. The kingdom of heaven is like …


Matthew 13: The Kingdom of Heaven is Like ...

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Chapter 13 – The Kingdom of Heaven is Like …

Matthew 13 – Observations

The kingdom of heaven is like:

  • A field in which good seed is sown but the enemy plants weeds
  • A tiny mustard seed which blooms into a mighty tree
  • Leaven: a little goes a long way
  • Hidden treasure- it is worth more than everything that we own
  • Dragnet- it is cast far and wide but only the good part of the catch is kept

What I love about this chapter is that Jesus did not stop at just one illustration. He kept breaking it down knowing that there were different types of people in His audience. He knew there would be a diverse set of people who would later read His words.

Knowing that we all have various experiences, He gave different examples so we could truly understand what the kingdom of heaven is.

For the farmer or the gardener, the kingdom of heaven is likened to a seed. Seeds are readily available in that every fruit has them. Ultimately a seed is planted to yield a crop but there are things that have to be dealt with such as the condition of the soil, weeds, and pests.

This tells us that we need to protect the word from the enemy because his ultimate goal is to destroy the word/seed before any fruit is produced.

Compassion is the kingdom of heaven for everyone

To the baker or the person who likes to cook, the kingdom of heaven is like a tiny mustard seed or a pinch of leaven–a little goes a long way.

Isn’t it amazing that the death of one man over 2000 years ago is enough to save the souls of the billions of people who have walked the earth? A little goes a long way. Salvation will never run out. All who believe in the Lord Jesus Christ can be saved.

To the business person, the kingdom of heaven is like a hidden treasure or a precious pearl. There will never be any possession or position worth more than being in the family of God.

Our adoption is priceless.

If all the wealth in the world was accumulated it could not pay for the gift of Jesus’ life that was freely given.

To the fisherman, the kingdom of heaven is like a large net that is spread and takes in everything. Afterward, the good is separated from the bad. There is no discrimination when it comes to the gospel.

The gift of salvation is freely given to one and all. God doesn’t hold back because we belong to the ‘wrong nation’ of people. We are all loved by God. He wants to save each and every one of us.

“Blessed are your eyes because they see and your ears because they hear”.

This message belongs to all of us. We should not practice exclusivity. We should not pick and choose who we share the good news of the kingdom with because it belongs to all of us.

If Jesus has compassion for all nations, so should we. We need to practice loving our neighbors as ourselves.


Father, I am grateful that You are no respecter of persons. Thank You for sending Your Son to die for the sins of the whole world. Help us to share the message of the kingdom of heaven far and wide. In Jesus’ name. Amen.

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