Matthew 11

Finding Compassion in Matthew 11

The coming of the Messiah opened up the windows of heaven and the blessings have been poured out on the earth. Jesus has made it possible for us to receive miracles previously unheard of.

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Chapter 11 – Are You the Messiah?

Matthew 11

·        The blind see, the deaf hear, the sick are healed and the leper is cleansed… Never before had so many miracles had been done in such a short time.

·        The coming of the Messiah opened up the windows of heaven and the blessings have been poured out on the earth. Jesus has made it possible for us to receive miracles previously unheard of.

I had been unhappy with my job. I was a Quality Assurance Representative who spent more time on the phone than I did auditing the calls that contributed to my paycheck.

The office had become an uncomfortable place because a number of ladies were feuding with each other. There were some days when it seemed as though I was the only person who was on speaking terms with every member of the team.

A few chains away, a new building was being built. I remember praying, “Lord please let that building be finished quickly so that I can get a job over there.” Fast-forward a couple of months and the building did get finished.

A few years later, I started working with the company that I had prayed about. At first, I was excited because I was so sure that God had answered my prayers. But my joy quickly changed to sorrow when I realized that the company was on a perpetual freeze: hiring freeze, promotion freeze, salary freeze, stationery freeze…

I started questioning whether God had spoken or not. Why had I been given that job? What was God trying to tell me?

John the Baptist had a similar experience. In Matthew 3:11, he was convinced that Jesus was the Messiah. “One is coming after me,” he said, “who will baptize you with fire. I’m not worthy to untie his shoes.” This was the same man whom John had seen the Holy Spirit acknowledged as the Son of God. John knew that Jesus was the Messiah. But –

He was wondering if he had been wrong because he had been taken away from his ministry. He had been imprisoned for speaking the word of God. He feared that at any moment he would lose his life… so he started wondering, “Was I wrong? Did I misunderstand the signs?”


Do you ever notice that when you follow God’s voice or what you think is God’s voice that sometimes you get to a place where you start to doubt? When our circumstances change as John’s did, things get a little sticky. And that’s when we really need to look for God’s hand in our lives.

You may be wondering, “How do I see the hand of God?”

Look at the sunrise or sunset – they tell the story of God’s love for us. Look at nature – God is an artist and He has created this whole world for our pleasure and enjoyment.

Listen to the birds as they sing of His glory. Close your eyes and feel the wind as it kisses your skin.

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Look for the evidence of Him in the lives of your friends, your family, your coworkers. God loves us … if you look for His hand, He will reveal Himself to you.

Jesus’s response was “Go and tell John the things which you hear and see: The blind see and the lame walk; the lepers are cleansed and the deaf hear; the dead are raised up and the poor have the gospel preached to them.”

In other words, what Jesus was saying was, “Tell John about the hand of God.”

Are you at a place where your situation has changed and now maybe you’re wondering if you misunderstood what God had revealed to you?

My advice to us would be: look for the hand of God in every present moment.


Jehovah, thank You for my present situation, help me to see Your hand in my life today.  In Jesus’ name. Amen.


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