Leviticus 27

Leviticus 27

Leviticus 27  - Dedicating Things & People to God

Chapter 27  – Dedicating Things & People to God

Leviticus 27 -the big points

1) God had chosen the Levis to be His priests but He still made a way for persons in other tribes to dedicate their lives to Him.

2) Being consecrated to God could not be used as a “get out of death free” card.

3) The rich man and the poor man had the same value to God.

4) The priests were called to a great work and needed to have a variety of skills. They were public health inspectors, butchers, accountants and assessors to name a few.

The Israelites were God’s people. He declared it. But it was the Levi tribe that was consecrated to minister to God.

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They had been used to redeem the firstborns from the other 11 tribes (but that’s the story for another day). Yet there was provision for anyone to dedicate themselves to the Lord. There was provision for anyone to give unto the house of the Lord of their property or their herds as they so desired.

The grace – yes, grace – of this is that no one felt as though service was left to the priests. Service wasn’t an exclusive club that was only open to Levis. True, they couldn’t be a priest, but they could do so many other things to give honor and glory to God.

Grace is one measure

Leviticus 27 has a very detailed evaluation system, and you know what I noticed? Women had less value than men. Before you put on your feminine hat – just remember that this was an agricultural society (or at least it would be once they went into the Promised Land).

Farming is hard work and at that time women were not in the fields working alongside the men but in the homes lovingly caring for the children and providing a safe haven. And yes, yes women suffrage – but you know what?

Israel is hot! I think those women knew that they got the better part of the deal.

Now, what was I saying? Oh yes, the evaluation system. Did you realize that the age determined the value?

Their age.

Not the tribe or whether they were rich or poor.

Not whether they could work well or not.

Not who their parents were.

All men between x age and y age were worth z dollars. All women between x age and y age were worth z dollars. All mankind has the same value to God.

Don’t you find grace in that?

God is not judging us based on our pasts or our potential. Not even how “well” we keep His commandments. We are all valuable in His eyes and that’s something to be excited about.


God, thank You for valuing me not on something that can be manipulated but on something that is solely in Your hands. Help me to remember that I am worth something to You and that You desire the offering of my life. Help me to dedicate my life to You.  In Jesus’ name. Amen.

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