Leviticus 7

Leviticus 7

Leviticus 7 - More on the Peace &  Trespass Offerings

Chapter 7 – More on the Peace &  Trespass Offerings

Leviticus 7 – The big points:

1) The meat of the trespass belonged to the priest who offered the sacrifice and could be eaten by all male priests. The grain offering belonged to the priest who offered it and should be shared by all priests.

Again we see the provision of God for those He had set apart. We also see where He is making sharing a part of the fellowship of the priests.

2) Ceremonial purity was required before one could eat the meat of the sacrifices. A clean heart is a prerequisite for fellowship with a holy God.

3) Give God what belongs to him (blood, fat and the offerings that He requests). But do so knowing that God asks us for things not because He wants nor needs anything from us. Everything on earth including us belongs to Him.

He asks for our sacrifices to test the condition of our hearts.

As with the grain offering in chapter 6, the trespass and peace offerings belong to the priest who offered the sacrifice on the altar. And we’re immediately at that place of grace. God continues to provide for His priests.

They may not be landowners but they never had to worry about where their next meal was coming from. And now on top of all those other offerings, they got the breast and thigh of the heave offering as well. Isn’t that just like God? He gives immeasurably more than all we could ask or imagine.

It must have been very liberating for the priests to know that they could concentrate on doing what God asked them to do knowing that they would be taken care of.

There’s a very deep lesson here for us (for me) – sometimes we worry about what tomorrow’s going to bring: will we have enough? So much so that we neglect to do those things that God has placed on our hearts. We worry about what will be or could be instead of focusing on what is. Does that make sense?

What we give to God shows the condition of our hearts. Leviticus 7

At this period of time in history, the priests were just focusing on service. It was only as they got more legalistic that things took a turn for the worse (to the point that Jesus had to run them out of his house for trading in the sanctuary).

There’s another thing in this chapter that I want to point out before we close – did you notice that the liver and kidneys had to be burnt? In other words, they belonged to God and were to be consumed on his altar.

Let me put it another way – the two organs that have to regulate and detoxify the blood were necessary parts of the sacrifice to God. This was emphasizing the fact that it’s all about the blood.

The blood had to be pure in order to atone for our sins. Jesus was the ultimate sacrifice – his heart and his blood were so pure that we have no need for any other animal sacrifice. Wonderful Savior!


Lord thank you for Your Son, the Perfect Sacrifice who removed the sins of the world.  In Jesus’ name. Amen.

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