Leviticus 5

Leviticus 5

God wants our heart. He does not desire animal sacrifices.

Chapter 5  – The Sin &  Trespass Offerings

Leviticus 5 – The big points:

1) We should be careful about what we say. Swearing/making an oath carelessly could lead to sin as we say something at the moment, forget all about it and ultimately break our word (lie).

2) When we witness someone swearing we can become guilty by association. This shows that as Christians we have a role to play in ensuring (or at least encouraging) the people around us to live according to God’s precepts.

3) We can be guilty of sin and not know it. It’s important for us to ask forgiveness not only for sins known but also for sins unknown.

4) The sin offering could be paid by the poorest person (they could take as little as 1/10 of an ephah).  This was to show that forgiveness was available to all mankind and that it was not the sacrifice that wrought forgiveness. It was grace. It was always grace.

1/10 of an ephah = 2.2 L
2.2 L = 4.85 lbs.

Remember that we said that God made it possible for even the poor to bring a sin offering? We’re going to talk more about that.

The chapter begins by talking more about what is considered a sin. It explains once an individual realizes their sin they need to make a confession of it and bring a sacrifice so that the priest could make atonement for him. Now the confession was a big part of being forgiven. If you weren’t sorry, then your apology doesn’t mean much.

Now, did you realize that God said that if you couldn’t afford an offering of the herd, then you could bring two turtledoves or two pigeons?

If you couldn’t afford that – you could bring 1/10 of an ephah of flour which would have been about 5 pounds of flour (I hope you’ll forgive me if my math is off – it’s not my strong point).

But where’s the blood? I thought we could only get forgiveness for sin if there was blood. Aha! There’s the grace.

The Submitted Heart

Leviticus 5 - God desires a submitted heart. Have you given him yours?

God allowed the priest to burn this flour on the same altar that had all the other blood offerings. He was saying, “Look, just because you can’t afford an animal is no reason to think that you won’t be forgiven from your sin.”

With an earnest confession and an earnest offering then that man’s sin would be forgiven. God is more concerned with a submitted heart than He is with the blood of animals.

Actually this is double grace: not only was there no blood but you could get forgiveness for less than 5 lbs. of flour. How cool is that?


Jehovah, thank You for making forgiveness and reconciliation within my grasp. I’m so grateful that Your forgiveness is always available to me.  In Jesus’ name. Amen.

God's grace was given freely to us and for that we should give thanks. A prayer.

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