Leviticus 3

Leviticus 3

Leviticus 3 - The Peace Offering

Chapter 3  – The Peace Offering

If you read my post: Read the Bible, then you know that we’re reading the Bible one chapter a day for the next hmmm … 3 ½ years (or so).

To that end we’ve created a Facebook group: Lord Transform Me that’s open to anyone that wants to join – just shoot the group an invite and you’ll be added.

For ease of reference, I’m going to start each post on Leviticus with the “big points” of the chapter. So here we go –

The big points of Leviticus 3:

The peace offering was so the people could enjoy peace with God.

We enjoy peace with God when we give him our best (the fat) and our lives (the blood).

All the fat and blood belong to God. Just as we can never fully remove the fat and blood from our meat, so we will see the hand of God in everything.

Leviticus 3 is about the peace offering also known as the fellowship offering. The Israelite would make an offering of a lamb or a kid – it could be male or female. The giver would lay his hand on the head of the animal’s head before slaughtering it.

The offering had to be willingly given and should be of the best quality.

While it wasn’t a sin offering, it mimicked it in that the giver would always be reminded that as sinful human beings we are not worthy to come into the presence of God.

But the really awesome thing? God made it possible.

Isn’t that great? As sinful as mankind was, God wanted a relationship with him.

Leviticus 3 - God wants a relationship with usPhoto taken by Shantel P.

The fellowship offering was the one where the blood and the fat were given to God. This was basically saying:

“Look, give of your best to the Lord. Don’t give him the fellowship that you wouldn’t want for yourself.”

But the really cool thing for me was this: have you ever tried to drain all the blood out of meat? How about cutting out all the fat from a piece of meat? Were you able to get it all out? I’ve never been able to.

And this is where I find grace:  if the fat represents our “best” and the blood represents our lives then it means that when I give my life to God I should want to give him my best.

The beauty of God is that He still leaves us with some of the very best things. Just as we are not able to remove the fat from our meat, we will never be able to remove God completely from our lives.

Even the man who doesn’t believe in God is breathing His air, eating His food, walking around in His body, enjoying His weather be it sunshine or rain and experiencing the grace that he extends.

There is one other cool thing about giving the fat and the blood as offerings to the Lord: it was actually good for their health!

By taking the fat and blood out, the Israelites were reducing their risk of cholesterol and heart disease. Not to mention the fact that tapeworms were often found in the fatty tissues…

Isn’t that just like God? He asks us to give not for His benefit but for ours. Isn’t that grace?


Yahweh I thank You so much for loving us. Every single thing that You ask us to do is for our benefit. Help us to be obedient and to do things with the right heart. In Jesus’ name. Amen.

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