Joseph & Mary: That’s Not My Child!

Joseph & Mary: That’s Not My Child!

Joseph & Mary: That's Not My Child!
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She was betrothed to Joseph. The wedding ceremony was some time away. Maybe her family was busy getting things ready for the preparation. Maybe she was excited about her upcoming nuptials; excited and a little scared.

Did she know a lot about Joseph? Did she wonder what being married to him would be like? Did she dream about having his babies?

Joseph knew he had chosen a young virgin from a reputable family. He may have looked forward to the day when he finally takes her home and their new life could begin.

He hoped she was fertile, he wanted to have lots of children to carry on his name.

But God Had a Plan for Joseph & Mary

An angel visited Mary. “Highly favored one, the Lord is with you; blessed are you among women! (Luke 1:28)”

The promised Messiah was finally coming and she was to be His mom! We know she was fully receptive to the Lord’s leading because of her response in verse 38: “Let it be to me according to your word.”  (See also Mary’s song Luke 1:46-55)

Thoughts of marriage: gone. She was feeling so blessed I doubt she even remembered that she was to be married in a short time.

But Joseph remembered.

Imagine his shock when he found out his virgin wife-to-be was pregnant! How could that be? He hadn’t touched her. That must mean some other man did. Joseph had to learn that:

Marriage lesson #17: Things aren't always as they seem

Learning to Trust

Paternity is a big deal now. It was an even bigger deal then. Joseph made plans to “secretly put away” his young bride (Matthew 1:19).

But God had other plans. The angel appeared and told Joseph the full details. He learned how honored he was – he was the man chosen to mentor the Son of God. He accepted the responsibility and his ready-made family.

Don’t we do that though? We put two and two together and get six? Our senses do not always lead us to the right answer. And it points to a very valid question: do we trust our partner?

He’s out late. He comes in at three in the morning. Do we believe him when he says he was working late? Is he telling the truth when he says that?

She has red marks on her neck – they look like love bites. She says an insect bit her. Do we believe she’s telling the truth? Is her response actually true?

A marriage can survive many things but lack of trust is not one of them.

Let’s Pray

Lord, help us to be trustworthy in our relationships. We need to be honest in all things and especially with our partners. Keep us in all truth. In Jesus’ name.

Let’s Chat

Are there trust issues in your marriage?

Make a list of all the things that cause you to distrust your partner. Pray about each one and ask Jesus to help you resolve them.

As He clears them up, strike each one off your list and claim the freedom that exists in Christ.

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