I am the Lord

I am the Lord

I am the Lord. There are few rulers on earth who can definitively state who they are with the knowledge that anyone who hears them will know exactly who they are.

This statement is one of great power: “I am the Lord”.

There’s no boast just a simple statement of fact. And yet even with all that power and all His might, Jehovah still chooses us. He still chooses to show Himself mighty on our behalf.

I am the Lord

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I am the Lord…

The word used as Lord is translated is the Hebrew as ‘Yehovah’, the self-existent eternal God.

God had just finished telling His people, “Listen to Me, don’t serve any strange or foreign gods … I am the Lord. (Psalm 81:8-9)”

That is to say, serve Me. I have proven myself to you time and again. These strange gods have not and in fact, can do nothing for you.

your God…

After giving us His name, Jehovah gives us His title. “I am your God: elohiym the Supreme God.”

the one who brought you out of the land of Egypt…

Then He gives us His resume. I am the one who saved you from your sins. I am the God who delivered you from slavery.

To the Israelites at this time, Egypt symbolized that place of torment; where they were enslaved and robbed of their identity of priests for the Almighty God.

Today God is still reaching out to us to say, “Here’s my hand. I am able to save. These are all the things I’ve done. If you would just trust me I would do them for you and so much more…”

God will supply all our needs

Open your mouth wide…

Imagine a baby bird opening its mouth wide for food and being fed by its parent. It requires two major things:

  1. Trust – that you will be fed
  2. Faith – that what is provided is will give sustenance to the body

and I will fill it.

“If you open your mouth,” declares the Lord. “I will fill it.” With food. With words. With praise. He will provide everything we need.

Like the baby bird, we have to put our trust in our Heavenly Father. We have to develop our relationship to the point that we know He only wants what’s best for us.

Instead of opening our mouths to complain, we should open our mouths wide to give praise. The heavens should resound with the sound of our worship.


Personal Bible Study

Read Psalm 81. Highlight all the ways that God looked after His people.

Imagine a bird being fed by its mother. Can you see the care that’s being taken by the parent to ensure that the hatchling has enough to survive?

Now imagine yourself as that young defenseless child who must put all his faith and trust in his parent to survive.

Pray and ask God to give you faith as small as a bird’s.

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