Holy Hustle Book Review

Holy Hustle Book Review

Work without Shame, Rest without Guilt

Balance. It’s what we long for in our lives as we hear shouts of “Work harder!” in one ear, and whispers to “rest more” in the other. What if God’s plan for us isn’t just one way or the other?

Enter the holy hustle.

Crystal Stine followed the path to success as she climbed the corporate ladder. Now she explores “hustle” in a new light as a self-employed, work-from-home mom. She invites you to join her in experiencing…

renewed peace as you focus on serving, not striving

reawakened potential as you ditch comparison and embrace community

redefined purpose as you seek the roles God has for you

You were created to work with enthusiasm for the right reasons—and you were also made with a need to rest. Discover the place where these two sides meet in a happy, holy hustle.

Holy Hustle book by Crystal Stine

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I didn’t know that hustle could be holy. I grew up thinking that “hustling” was limited to those who were trying to get rich doing non-traditional jobs – things like selling goods on the sidewalks.

I thought it was limited to those who started dozens of companies always with a new idea to make some money but never enough oomph to sustain it.

I didn’t realize that I was “hustling” too.

Hustle means doing a whole lot of things (usually at the same time). Somehow we have redefined hustle and made it into a dirty word. “Let’s redeem hustle” Crystal invites us, “by recognizing how God has uniquely created us with talents that are to be used for his glory.”

While we are learning to use our talents for God’s glory we also need to learn how to rest. We rest by modeling the example set by our Creator.

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Crystal shows the readers of Holy Hustle new ways of looking at the work that they are called to do. She invites them to look at their motivations, intentions and goals … why do you do the things you do? Then she shows us new ways to look at the way we do those things.

Know God – Each chapter ends with a section that invites us to dig deeper. We are invited to get our Bibles and read a teaching on the topic that we covered.

Know yourself – Sprinkled throughout the book are questions that prompt us to introspection. We are given the chance to ask ourselves some frank questions. The answers, if we’re honest, can change the way we look at things and how we approach work and rest.

Run your race – As one half of an identical set of twins, Crystal knows how the importance of remaining true to your identity. She encourages her readers to use the gifts they have been given to do the work that they have been called to do.

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Holy hustle doesn’t put pressure on us to perform; it invites us to a deeper relationship with the only One who can turn our small offerings into great gifts.

The world very loudly tells us what we should eat, wear, drink… it tells us how to act and what to think and then it judges us and deems us lacking. But it’s not about those temporary things. Our purpose is to serve and worship the God who created us.

If you look at your intentions, goals, and motivations behind the work you do, does an element of greed stand out? In the world’s pursuit of hustle, there certainly is an element of greed as we watch the competition for more fame, more platforms, more opportunities, more titles, more income.

Why do we work as hard as we do? If we’re honest we’ll say we want to acquire things here on earth. Our desire for the temporary things of life drives us to work harder in our secular roles than we do in our spiritual ones.

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You’ll wear yourself out trying to keep up when you could be pouring out your gifts in a way that loves your neighbors well— right where you are. When we stop running someone else’s race, we can confidently take up the space God has given us, using our gifts for His glory.

This is such a great truth. How many of us have become burnt out because we focus on competing with other people instead of on the job that we have to accomplish.

Fear can keep us from embracing the abundant life God desires for His children. Not the kind of abundance that gives us bigger bank accounts or a fully stocked cart at Target, but the kind of abundance that comes from living fully in the passions and place God has chosen for us.

Fear can cripple us. We lose out on so many things when we forget that God did not give us a spirit of fear. What would you do if you weren’t afraid?

What God has spoken to you in the light should not be doubted in the dark. He knows you, He has called you, and He has a plan for you. Not a single thing will happen without His consent. Do not be afraid.

I have had this happen to me. I have gotten a word from God about what he wants me to do only to become fearful when the time comes to actually do the work.

We need time away from our work so we can refill, refuel, and refresh our spirits. Instead of pouring out all the time, we need to discover ways to be filled up and allow others to serve in their gifts in our lives. And we need to be in the Word.

Rest is an important pastime for us. Rest -not binge-watching television, not trying to cram all the “fun” we can in one short slot of time – rest, of the kind that Jesus called us to partake of in Matthew 11:28.

We are called to take the gospel to the far ends of the earth and to be a light on a hilltop, and we can do that right where God has called us. What if we saw our work as our mission field? What if we decided to commit to where we’ve been called?

What if we forgot about what the world said and decided instead to spread the gospel? How would this world be different?

I had the pleasure of being a part of Crystal’s launch team for Holy Hustle and received a free advance copy. This review reflects my honest opinions.

Have you read Holy Hustle? What were your thoughts?

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About the Author

Crystal Stine encourages women to pursue holy hustle—a work-hard, rest-well lifestyle that chases faith instead of fame. Along with being a popular speaker, she is the author of Creative Basics, creator of the “Clarity Coaching” course, and editor of Craving Connection by the (in)courage team. Crystal lives in Pennsylvania with her husband and daughter.

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