Hagar: Seen by God

Hagar: Seen by God

Hagar was an Egyptian slave. She was probably given to Abraham by Pharaoh after Sarah was taken while they were in Egypt (Genesis 12:16).

She grew up in a culture where there was a god for everything. There was a sun god, gods to protect the Nile, a god of the desert, a god of fertility – to name just a few. Now she was living in a household that believed in and worshiped a single omnipotent God.

For a while, life was good with her new family. Everyone was happy. They were expecting “the son of the promise”. Except …. the Mistress couldn’t get pregnant.

One day, in desperation, a plan was hatched. Hagar would be given to the master as a concubine and she would bear children in the wife’s stead. Within a very short time, Hagar was pregnant. It must mean then that she had been chosen to bear “the son of the promise”. Pride filled her heart and she began treating Sarah with contempt.

But her power didn’t last long. Sarah was given permission to treat Hagar as she wished. The treatment was so horrible that Hagar ran away.

Hagar's El Roi

Hagar’s God Who Sees

And this is where it gets good. While she was by a spring of water in the wilderness – probably on her knees, tears streaming down her face – God met her. He called her by name.

“Hagar, Sarai’s servant, where have you come from, and where are you going? (Genesis 16:8)”

Egyptian gods were notoriously aloof yet here was a God who saw her. He knew her pain and He wanted to bless her. In Hagar’s moment of brokenness, God revealed a new facet of Himself. He unveiled Himself as El-Roi – the God Who Sees.

“You will have a son.” He continues, “You shall call his name Ishmael which means God hears. because I have heard your cries.” (Genesis 16:11)

God was not only showing Hagar (and us) that He sees, He was also showing us that He hears.

He hears the things we tell ourselves when no one else is listening. He sees the pain we try to hide from those closest to us… There is nothing about us that can stop Him from loving us. There is no part of our lives that He wants to be excluded from.

He’s concerned about everything that we do because there is no part of our lives that is insignificant to God.

Personal Bible Study

Read Hagar’s story in Genesis 16. Is there any part that you can relate to?

Pray Lord I thank You for seeing and hearing me whatever my situation. Thank you El Roi. In Jesus’ name. Amen.

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