Marriage Check-up: Are We Showing Grace in Our Marriage?

Marriage Check-up: Are We Showing Grace in Our Marriage?

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We sing the songs about God’s grace, but do we actually know what grace is? Do we practice grace with the person closest to us – our spouse?

Grace, in a nutshell, is the undeserved kindness that God displays towards mankind. We do nothing to earn it, it is freely given. As Christians we love to claim God’s grace, especially when we know we’ve done something wrong. But. And it’s a big but-

Do we show grace to our husbands? Do we show grace to our wives? Are the things they do to hurt us wiped away with love? Do we forgive freely and graciously? Or do we hang on to past hurt like spiders cling to webs?

Do the “sins” of our spouses show up ever so often like the ghosts of Christmas past?

As  people trying to live with the heart of Christ we need to show more love, more willingness to forgive, less bitterness and anger and hatred.

Our grace towards our partner should exhibit itself in our willingness to keep working to stay married. Yes, things may not be going as smoothly as we expected (especially in the early years) but do we purpose to keep trying?

Do we purpose not to keep score of offences made? Do we practice forgiveness 70 times 7  every single day (Matthew 18:21-22)

Let’s Pray

Lord, I long for grace in my marriage, the kind of grace that You display to us. Help me to speak health and life and truth in my marriage. In Jesus’ name. Amen.

Let’s Chat

Can you think of some ways we can show grace to our partners? Share them in the comments below.


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