Is the Fruit of the Spirit Evident in Our Marriages?

Is the Fruit of the Spirit Evident in Our Marriages?

It’s time for another marriage check-up. Is the fruit of the Spirit evident in your marriage? Are we taking the time to show love, joy, peace, long-suffering, temperance, and so on to the person we pledged to spend the rest of our lives with?

Marriage Check-Up: Are the Fruits of the Spirit Evident in Our Marriages?

Every Christian wants to produce good fruit. We know that the tree that doesn’t is cut down and thrown into the fire (Matthew 7:19). So, we pray for and seek evidence of the fruit of the Spirit in our lives. But are we looking for this fruit in our marriages?

The fruit of the Spirit

Is Our Fruit of the Spirit Visible?

Do we love our partners with the kind of love that Christ recommends? Is our love the kind that sees no barriers, accepts all flaws, that gives without expecting in return?

Are we happily married? Do we find joy in our spouses? Are we happy to see them at the end of the day? Are we brimming with things to share about our day, just wanting to spend time with that person that God matched us with?

Is our home a place for peace? Is it good to come home or is it closer to a war zone in nature? Are bombs dropping every second in our homes? Does each partner feel safe and loved and wanted? Are they able to express themselves freely without fear of repercussions or another epic battle?

Are we long-suffering, that is, patient with our spouse? Or do we have a hair-trigger temper, ready to detonate at the slightest provocation?

Do we display kindness? The simple kind that we dispense to strangers but sometimes find so difficult to give at home?

Do we generate goodness? That “hmm-chocolate-cookie-is-so-good” feeling? Is our partner seeing Christ when they look at us? Or are they seeing someone else?

Are we faithful to our partners? Are we “drinking from our own cistern” (that’s Coote code for keeping the goodies in the partnership)? Are we careful to have emotional and physical relationships only with our partner?

Are we gentle? Do we even know what that means? Are we tender, sensitive, caring?

Do we demonstrate self-control? Are we temperate in all our dealings? Our dress, diets, temperament should all reflect an ability to control ourselves.

As Christian couples, it is important for us to bear good fruit in our marriages. Strong marriages create strong families. With enough strong families, we could change the world.

Let’s Pray

Lord, I want to produce good fruit. I pray that the seeds of the Spirit will be planted in my marriage so that I may reap the fruits. In Jesus’ name. Amen.

Let’s Chat

What fruit would you most like to have? Pray and ask God for ways that you can begin planting that fruit today.

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