Find Your Tribe

Find Your Tribe

One of the things that bloggers are encouraged to do is find their tribe. Simply put, this is finding a home with like-minded bloggers that can encourage and offer assistance when needed.

Find your tribe - that group of persons that you feel at home with. This begins a new series: Meet the Bloggers.

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Everyone knows that writing is a solitary experience. What a lot of persons don’t know is that blogging can get awfully lonely.

It involves long hours that eventually can wear away at the soul… Especially if you’re still working at a traditional job full-time. That’s why you need a tribe – that group of people that God seems to give the right word just as you’re about to toss your computer across the room.

In this blogging community, you get the opportunity to help somebody else – and it doesn’t matter how new you are – you’d be surprised to find that there’s this one thing that you managed to figure out that someone is struggling with…

And that, my friends, is what helps you trudge through the research and the typing and the long nights with no sleep because your brain is bursting with ideas and blog maintenance tasks) but enough! We were talking about a tribe.

I was ecstatic to find such a group. I knew this group was different because I had already been accepted in a few other groups but this only one where one of the admins reached out to me to make sure I was actually a blogger. I got welcomed by so many people I felt as though I had walked into a long hug.

My tribe was found and I was at home.

Over the next few weeks, we are going to meet some of these women – ladies who are sharing their passion and their love for Jesus. I hope you will be inspired by their stories and will find new friends in the blogosphere.

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