Fear of Uncertainty

The Fear of Uncertainty

Fear of Uncertainty #facingfear
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The Collins Dictionary defines uncertainty as a state of doubt about the future or about what is the right thing to do. I wonder if Adam and Eve experienced uncertainty before the Fall?

Do you know what I think? I think doubt was one of the critical elements that were introduced by Lucifer as he and Eve chatted by the forbidden tree.

Satan inferred that God was withholding something good from Eve and at that moment she doubted. At that moment, she wavered between choosing good over evil or evil over good. The Great Controversy in its finest moments.

After that pivotal choice, doubt was something Adam and Eve lived with every day and we have been plagued with it ever since. Making the right choice pervades our culture. Which school should we attend? What subjects do we choose? Whom should we marry? What happens if we marry the wrong person? Will our lives be ruined forever?

The Fight Against Uncertainty

Sometimes our fear of uncertainty causes us to refrain from making a choice. We choose the known over the unknown – even if that known is something that has proven to be dangerous or inadequate.

How do we battle uncertainty? Can we battle uncertainty? Is it possible to win?

We can’t fight uncertainty. And if we did we would not win.

When we learn to rely on God, our fear of uncertainty will subside. #facingourfears #hebrews12endurance Click To Tweet

Oh dear, don’t worry. All hope is not lost – we can learn to rely on God. That will keep our fear of uncertainty under control. We will never know what the future holds. And, as much as we try to predict trends to figure out what’s going to happen next, we can’t. Not with any certainty.

But God is able to see the future. He knows what lies ahead.  While we may not be able to predict the future we can learn to trust Him. In the words of songwriters Babbie Y. Mason and Eddie Carswell:

When don’t see His plan,
When you can’t trace His hand
Trust His Heart

Challenge: What are you uncertain about? What are your fears for the future?

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