Fear of Failure

The Fear of Failure

The Fear of Failure #facingfear
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Sir James Dyson went through 5, 126 prototypes before he found the design that would make the Dyson vacuum cleaner a success. Henry Ford had two failed businesses before he became a legend with the automotive assembly line.

Stephen King’s draft for Carrie was deemed ‘worthless’ by the author and thrown into the trash. It was fished out by his wife.

With so many stories of people who overcame the odds to become successful, why do so many of us refuse to pursue our dreams? It’s because we fear failure.

This world is based on an economy of scarcity. There aren’t enough resources for everyone to be successful and wealthy – at least, that’s the mindset we are taught. Competition is the name of the game and only the best or ‘luckiest’ persons will succeed.

In our secret thoughts, we hope to win the success lottery. But our fear of failure often stops us from trying. We sabotage ourselves by not making any attempts. Look, I get it, the world is set up in a way that is designed to keep the majority of people living below the poverty line. Satan does not want us to succeed. He hates us and doesn’t want us to be happy.

Why Do We Fear Failing?

The human psyche is a fascinating thing. We intertwine success – as we define it – with pride. When we fail, our sense of pride and maybe even our sense of self are affected. We want to protect ourselves from that happening so we don’t try because if we never try we can never fail.

What we don’t realize is that if we never try we’ve already failed.

According to a MindTools.com article, fear of failure could be the result of critical parents or past failures. This makes fear of failure something that anyone can experience at any time. As such, we need to learn how to push past this fear so that we achieve our goals.

How to Overcome Our Fear of Failure

It’s a matter of priority. The prince of this world has established our economies in such a way that there are enough ‘success stories’ that we keep trying. At the same, he stacks so many obstacles in our way that unless we are really determined or extremely ‘lucky’, we will never make it. He thinks.

Jesus told His disciples right before His death that trials and tribulations are a guarantee for them. They will be treated poorly because they love Him.

Nothing has changed. We are going to fail at some of the things we try. Sometimes our failures will be epic. But we overcome by focusing on the right thing – the Right Person.

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As Christians, our Heavenly Father tells us that this world is not our home. We’re just passing through. He doesn’t want us to settle in and get too comfortable with the way things are. He has greater things in store for us.

When we focus on our heavenly reward, we forget to be distressed by the failures that we have here. When we remember that Christ gives us the strength to accomplish the impossible, failing seems unimportant.

Challenge: Why do you fear failing? 

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