Faith or Fear: Choose One

Faith or Fear: You Can Only Choose One

Faith or Fear: You Can Only Choose One #facingfear
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Today, I’m writing over at The Journey where I contribute once per quarter. Here’s a peek at my post. I hope you’ll head over to read the rest.

What happens when women walk in faith? I wish I could tell you about my experiences. I wish I could tell you about all the times I prayed without doubting and God answered my prayers. But you see, I’m not Ruth, I’m Jonah.

In my head, I know that God is capable of doing wonderful, miraculous things. I have seen Him do it. I have seen prayers answered in my life, and the lives of people I’ve prayed for, but still I doubted. That’s why when God told me to leave my job I resisted. For three and a half years I disobeyed.

I’m not saying that because I’m proud of it. I’m saying it because it’s true. My fear of taking of a chance – okay, a big risk – was such that it kept me in a job where I was unhappy and bored. I knew it was time to leave, but I was too scared. At the same time, I was encouraging others to take chances and do what they loved. I was such a hypocrite.

I’ve had a dream of being a writer since I was twelve, yet I had never pursued it with any fervor. In my head, I kept hearing the words,

“Writing is impractical. It will not pay the bills.”

Instead of leaving my job to write full-time, I sent out countless resumes seeking employment with other companies. Nobody called.

The enemy took it as an opportunity to tell me how pointless it would be for me to leave.

“You’ll be starting over,” he said. “You’ll have to prove yourself to everyone. You have a good reputation here. People know you.”

I was at a crossroads: do I choose to have faith or do I continue to live in fear?


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