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Can you believe it’s October already? And with October comes Write 31 days!

Write 31 Days is basically an initiative for writers to write and publish something on their blog every day (pre-writing is allowed). You can read more about it on write31days.com. I first participated in 2015 and have been doing it ever since.

As always, the intent is to post something every day for the entire month (I hope you’ll stick with me). This month we’re looking at 31 Days on Facing Our Fears.

Facing Our Fears Menu #write31days2018

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I know, fear is scary and the idea of facing our fears may make us want to crawl into a little hole and never come out. Fear can make itself into this gigantic thing that seems like only the bravest knight or fiercest warrior can overcome, but oftentimes when we confront it we realize that it’s much bigger in our heads.

Oh, I know there are some really horrible things that one can be afraid of and I’m not trying to belittle anybody’s fear. What I’m trying to do is encourage you – encourage us – to claim the identity that God has given us. He has not given us a spirit of fear but of love and of power and a sound mind.

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This page will serve as the landing page for the series so bookmark it and check back often.

Day 1 – What Is Fear?

Day 2 – Where Did Fear Come From?

Day 3 – Can We Live Without Fear?

Day 4 – Faith or Fear: You Can Only Choose One

Day 5 – What Does the Bible Say About Fear?

Day 6 – Fear of Inadequacy

Day 7 – Fear of Uncertainty

Day 8 – Fear of Failure

Day 9 – Fear of Rejection

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Day 10 –  Fear of Missing Out

Day 11 – Is Your Faith Fireproof?

Day 12 – Fear of Change

Day 13 – Fear of Losing Control

Day 14 – Fear of Being Judged

Day 15 – Fear of Getting Hurt

Day 16 – Fear of Something Bad Happening

Day 17 – Should I Be Afraid of Halloween?

Day 18 – Sorry, Not Today

Day 19 – Fear of Confrontation

Day 20 – Fear of Being Yourself

Day 21 – Can We Pass On Our Fears?

Day 22 – How Do We Leverage Fear?

Day 23 – Heroes of Faith: Moses

Day 24 – Heroes of Faith: Caleb

Day 25 – Heroes of Faith: Peter

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Day 26 – Heroes of Faith: Jochebed

Day 27 – Heroes of Faith: The Woman from Shunem

Day 28 – Heroes of Faith:: Woman with the Issue of Blood

Day 29 – Freedom from Fear

Day 30 – Faith Over Fear

Day 31 – Resources for Fighting Fear

I hope you’ll check out all the posts in this series as we walk through our fears together. While you do that, check out the other Write 31 Days series 201520162017.

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