Epic Fail or Major Lessons Learnt?

Epic Fail or Major Lessons Learnt?

October is finished and so is the Write 31 days challenge… but I didn’t do it. At least I didn’t write every day and a part of me is kicking myself for it. I mean, it was a simple thing to do, right?

All I had to do was publish something on the site each day. Full stop. But here’s the thing, a lot of things happened to derail the process…

There was a storm. An evacuation. A trip overseas that was a comedy of errors. Family illness. Exhaustion. In other words, life happened.

The almost-reformed perfectionist in me wants to say I failed. Maybe there are persons reading this post right now who will say that I failed because I didn’t meet my objective. But here’s my question: if you take time away from blogging to do life, does that make you a quitter?

Before I give you my take on that, let me tell you what I learned during this year’s Write 31 days event…

A look-back at the Write 31 Days 2016 series

Lessons Learnt

First a little history: in 2015, about a week after I published my first blog post I accepted the Write 31 Days Challenge. It was a really big step.

I had gone years without writing and now I had committed to writing and posting something every day for a month.

I had decided to do that using an unfamiliar medium – a blog post.

As a newbie blogger, this was a good way to build up a collection of posts and get people reading my work.

Last year I learned that:

  • God had a lot to say about marriage.
  • I could write every day.

This year I learned that:

  • Trying to recreate an awesome experience is not necessary. In fact, doing that can actually take away from the original experience.
  • It’s okay to take a break to deal with something that’s going on in your life… Even if it’s just to get a few hours of sleep (or watch movies with the family).

So let me answer my question:  Does taking time away from blogging to do life, make you a quitter?

Absolutely not! I am grateful for the experience of Write 31 Days 2015. It happened at a really opportune time for me. It got me started on a journey that has been filled with new challenges, experiences, and people. I wouldn’t trade it for the world.

This year, I spent a little more time observing nature and the things that God created and finding ways to glorify him for them. And that was completely awesome.

You see, these last few weeks have reminded me that my main duty on earth is to give praise to God. I saw animals, plants, weather in a whole new light.

My Write 31 Days 2016 experience may not have unfolded as I had intended, but it happened exactly as God wanted it to.

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