5 Life-Changing Easter Devotionals

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Easter, as well as the days and weeks leading up to it, is a time of contemplative reflection for Christians.  It’s an opportunity for us to remember the sacrifice Jesus made on our behalf by dying a death that we deserve but He didn’t.

Easter devotionals are one way we can do this. I have curated a collection of five Easter devotionals for you and your family to enjoy this season. All of these devotionals are available for free in the YouVersion Bible app.

What is an Easter Devotional?

Before I share that list of devotionals with you, let me answer some of the questions you may have, like

  • What should I read for Easter?
  • What is the real message of Easter?
  • What happened on Easter to Jesus?

The period of Easter focuses on Jesus’ crucifixion and resurrection. Jesus was turned over to the authorities by Judas Iscariot, one of His disciples where He was questioned, humiliated, scourged, and eventually crucified. Jesus was killed even though He wasn’t guilty of anything.

We celebrate Easter because it didn’t end with His death. Instead, Jesus rose from the grave on the third day and was seen by many of His disciples. He ascended to heaven and is now seated at the right hand of the throne of His Father (Hebrews 12:2).

The real message of Easter is the redemptive love of God. Humanity had fallen from grace with no hope of salvation. But then God sent His Son to die on a cross so that He could provide a path to salvation. Jesus is the way, the truth, and the life. No one can be reconciled with God unless they first accept His sacrifice (John 14:6).

If you want to get a good overview of the message of Easter, I would suggest that you spend some time in the gospels and the first chapter of the book of Acts. Read the following passages to understand the story of Easter:

  • Matthew 26:1-28:20
  • Mark 14:1-16:20
  • Luke 22:1-24:53
  • John 17:1-21:25
  • Acts 1:1-11

Easter Devotionals for the Whole Family

The Easter devotionals referenced below require a short-term commitment of three to seven days. They are a great resource to remind you of why Easter is celebrated while being helpful to train new or young believers on the topic.

1. I AM – An Easter Devotional

This 3-day Devotional by the Arise Church focuses on the I am statements of Jesus. Readers are encouraged to explore how they should respond to each of the statements made by Christ.

2. The Heart of Easter

This 4-day Easter devotional by Joyce Meyer reminds us of the true meaning of Christmas. Jesus the Christ died for sinners. He gave the sacrifice of His life so that we can live. Each day of this devotional explores key truths that remind us why we needed Jesus to die for our sins.

3. Easter Hope

This 4-day Easter devotional by Words of Hope reminds us of the hope we received because Jesus chose to die for our sins. Our hope of living victoriously over sins and having eternal life are rooted in Christ’s sacrifice at Golgotha. Each day’s devotional will leave you encouraged as you worship the Son of God for who He is and what He has done.

4. Why Easter?

This 5-day reading plan by Nicky Gumbel reminds the reader of some key things about the death of our Savior such as,

  • Why do we need Jesus
  • Why He came to die for our sins
  • The benefits we received as a result of His death.

Readers will also be left with a clear vision of what we need to do in order to receive the gift of salvation.

5. Cross & Crown

This 7-day devotional from InTouch Ministries reminds us why the sacrifice Christ made on the cross was important. Readers will also be reminded of the benefits we receive because Jesus chose to die in our place.

Here are some other resources to help to prepare you for the Easter season:

5 Life-Changing Easter Devotionals
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