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Dividing Sword is a Christian Historical Novel, inspired by the Gospel of Matthew and shows the real struggles of encountering Christ. Follow two fictional characters as they grapple to keep their families and dreams intact in the wake of a controversial new rabbi.

See the ministry of Jesus through fresh eyes—the eyes of a woman and of a Pharisee.

Beth and Reuben are cousins and best friends who grew up in first-century Capernaum. Despite their nation’s suffering under the thumb of Rome, both have clear hopes for the future, and when Jesus comes along they find their fates spiraling in directions they did not expect.

Shy and anxious Beth anticipates a quiet and simple life with her new husband, Peter. She has witnessed the brutal punishment of those who stand up to Rome and wants nothing to do with revolutionaries. When her impulsive husband throws caution to the wind, she is drawn out of her safe haven to places far from home and finds herself facing her greatest fears. Will she answer the rabbi’s call, or draw back in fear?

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Reuben feels God calling him to join the prestigious scholarly group known as the Pharisees, despite his father’s wishes and his humble beginnings. He believes that the way to a restored Israel is through careful obedience to the law and traditions, and Jesus of Nazareth is challenging tradition at every turn. Can Reuben convince Beth that Jesus is dangerous? Will a humbling run-in with the Nazarene completely destroy his budding career?

Blending compelling storytelling with Bible truth, Dividing Sword includes most of the stories in the Gospel of Matthew. See the story of Jesus through the words of Matthew—with his emphasis, themes, and stories. Reading the famous stories in an immersive narrative and setting will draw you into the world of Jesus, whether you’re new to scripture, or a life-long scholar.

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What would you do if you had the chance to walk with Jesus? Dividing Sword gives the reader an idea of what it was to walk in the footsteps of Jesus. If you’ve read Matthew’s account of the gospel you may recall that Jesus had told his disciples that He will be a dividing sword between family members.

Hamel takes you into the heart of a family divided by the doctrine of Christ. We get to walk with the disciples as she transports you back to the Jerusalem of Christ’s day.

As I read Dividing Sword I saw familiar passages in a new light and got additional insight on passages I had previously studied. I empathize with Beth and found myself wondering about the impact that Jesus had had on the simple people of His day. I encourage you to read Dividing Sword by Katrina Hamel—you just may see the gospel of Matthew in a new way.

Have you read Dividing Sword? What were your thoughts? I was honored to be part of Katrina’s launch team, a positive review was not required. Order Dividing Sword on Amazon.

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Katrina Hamel, author of Dividing Sword

Katrina is a believer of Christ, a wife of sixteen years, a mother to four, a full-time childcare provider, and in her spare time, she turns coffee into words. On her blog, she loves to retell Bible stories and hopes they encourage others to Jump in the Way.

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