8 Cool Skillshare Classes to Take With Your Child

8 Cool Skillshare Classes to Take With Your Child

8 Cool Skillshare Classes to Take With Your ChildImages courtesy of Canva.com

8 Cool Skillshare Classes to Take With Your Children

Summer. The long, beautiful, sunny days. The bedtime that has miraculously been erased from your child’s mind. The endless hours that your child needs you to entertain him…

Okay, so I admit it: I’m new to this whole work from home thing. I still don’t feel as though I’m working from home and my family is still trying to get used to the idea that I’m not really home (at least that’s what  keep telling them).

The son who ignores me quite contentedly when he’s engrossed in a screen watching mindless videos on YouTube, becomes quite clingy and demanding when I tell him to watch somethings that doesn’t cause his brain to leak through his ears…

I’ve been diligently searching Skillshare for courses that are short enough for him to enjoy watching but that would also teach him something fun and useful. There were a lot more courses than you may think.

Here are my top 8 picks:

Hand Drawn Animation So Simple a 6 Year Old Can Do It!

This class taught by April Merl teaches you how to create a simple animation by drawing on paper. It is then recorded using Stop Motion Studio.

Fun with Mom: Make Stamps for your toddler

Taught by Portuguese illustrator and graphic artist Zana Moraes, this class is best done with older children (despite the name) as there are carving tools involved.  If doing it with smaller children it is recommended by Zana and myself that the actual carving be done by an adult.

Art for Kids: Learn How to Draw and Paint a Cool Sea Turtle with Watercolor Paints!

Em Winn, teacher, art instructor and artist, uses watercolor to paint a sea turtle. Instructions are clear and easy to follow. In the process you and your child also learn how to draw a turtle.

Create Cool Cartoons Candy Holders (Summer Kids Craft Projects)

This class is taught by T. “Nicole” Taylor and her 9 year-od son Jordan. This project involves some cutting and will require adult supervision and assistance.

Pippi Paintbrush Presents: Painting With Children 1 – Self-Made Colours

Melanie Mezera uses items you already have at home to paint so get out your teabags, spices and curd.

Basic Friendship Knotting Bracelet Techniques

Public School art teacher Juliana Hill shows you how to make a friendship bracelet using yarn. At the end of the class you will have learned three different techniques.

How To Make Cinnamon Play-Dough

Melanie Mezera uses household items to create play dough.

Building Kids Confidence Through Drawing: 12 Art Projects for Children and Beginners

Em Winn, teacher, art instructor and artist, has 12 drawing projects for children. This course is on the longer side as it is over 2 hours but each lesson is 12 minutes or less and covers a complete project.

These are my top choices for classes you can do with your children on Skillshare. By clicking my link you will get two free months of Skillshare Premium – plenty of time to sample these and other awesome classes. My favorite thing about them is that children will learn valuable skills even as they play (bonus!).

Which Skillshare class will you watch first?

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