5 Free Printable Christmas Bible Reading Plans

The Christmas holidays can be a time for reconnecting with family and friends. It can be filled to the brim with activities and obligations. To ensure that you have a fruitful time in the Word, you may need to use a Christmas Bible reading plan.

Because as Christians, we need to spend time in the Word, it’s how we find the strength to get through our days. I have compiled a list of 5 Christmas Bible reading plans so you don’t have to.

What Is a Christmas Bible Reading Plan?

Quite simply, a Christmas Bible reading plan is one that is tailored with the holiday in mind. Some reading plans take you through the entire month of December, others end on Christmas day.

In most cases, Christmas Bible reading plans may feature the Christmas story or other reminders about the Messiah. Alternatively, a Christmas reading plan could be topical and focus on things associated with Christ such as joy or peace.

December Reading Plan

If this is your first time doing a reading plan for Christmas, you may have questions:

  • What book of the Bible should I read at Christmas?
  • Is the Christmas story in all 4 gospels?

Let me try to answer these questions for you.

Best Book of the Bible to Read at Christmas

The Bible is God’s story. You will find evidence of His love in every book, yes, even Leviticus. The best thing you can do at Christmas is to engage with the Word of God.

Read the book of the Bible that the Holy Spirit impresses on your heart. But do so engaging all your senses. Allow the Holy Spirit to speak to bring you into a deeper knowledge of God.

Where is the Christmas story found?

All four gospels testify of the birth of Jesus. However, not all of them go into great detail.

Mathew gives an account of the birth of Jesus which focuses on the genealogy of Christ, firmly establishing His identity as a descendant of King David.

Mark starts his gospel indicating that Jesus was born and that John the baptist’s ministry pointed to Him as the Christ. Mark’s gospel was geared towards proving that Jesus was the Son of God.

Luke gives a very detailed account of the Christmas story. He gives a historical record of the births of both John and Jesus. Luke’s gospel speaks to the accessibility of Jesus, the Christ.

5 Free Printable Christmas Bible Reading Plans
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John began his gospel by pointing out that Jesus had existed since the beginning of time and was responsible for all of creation. His gospel also established John the baptizer as the forerunner of Jesus. John’s gospel reminds his readers that Jesus came into the world fully man and fully God.

When you read the story of Jesus’ birth in any of the gospels, it’s important to remember their audience and the intended purpose of their account.

The Christmas Bible reading plans listed below are a great resource for you and your family to learn more about the story of Jesus’ birth.

Topical Christmas Bible Reading Plans

1. The Birth of a King: this 31-day reading plan from Alyssa J Howard is all about the birth of Christ. You will read prophecies about the Messiah, the Christmas story, and the benefits of Jesus’ birth and death.

2. Have Faith in God: this December reading plan has 23 days of Scripture readings for December. Read texts that encourage your faith in God as you remember how He sacrificed His Son for you.

3. A Christmas Story: this 31-day Christmas Bible reading plan from Kingdom Bloggers focuses on the birth of Jesus.

4. The Names of Jesus: this 31-day Scripture reading and writing plan for A Symphony of Praise (formerly The Felicity Bee) explores 31 names of Jesus.

5. Jesus the Messiah: Read the prophecies about the Messiah. Remember what had been said about Him and how they were fulfilled in Jesus.

I hope you found a Christmas Bible reading plan that will help you spend more time in the Word this Christmas.

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