12 Awesome Christian Subscription Boxes

The Believers Box

Christian subscription boxes are a great resource as you learn how to walk in faith. They provide monthly resources that will help you to study the Bible, learn more about God, strengthen a spiritual discipline, or learn how to make living your faith a daily habit.

Benefits of Christian Subscription Boxes

The decision to sign up for a Christian subscription box is a bit of a commitment.  So, are Christian subscription boxes worth it? Here are three reasons you may consider subscribing.

1. Christian subscription boxes often include custom-made or novelty items that are not available anywhere else. These items have the added benefit that they will somehow strengthen or encourage your faith. In some cases, they also support a charity, local business, or someone less fortunate.

2. I don’t know about you, but I don’t like to shop, especially in these days of long lines, temperature checks, and hand sanitation. Christian subscription boxes offer you the convenience of having items delivered to your home.

3. Christian subscription boxes offer variety. Do you ever find that you tend to gravitate towards the same things? While this can sometimes be good, a lot of times it causes you to fall into a rut where you do the same thing every time, even when you’d rather try something new.

Subscription boxes offer you a variety of new items every month. This exposes you to items you may not have chosen for yourself…who knows, you may find a new favorite!

Christian Subscription Boxes
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Bible Journaling Subscription Boxes

Bible journaling is a great way to interact with the Word of God. It allows you to journal what the Holy Spirit is teaching you and to creatively express how your Bible reading or Bible study has impacted you. Christian subscription boxes that include supplies for Bible journalers are a great way to enhance your Bible study time.

Found and Flowered

Found and Flowered box
The Found and Flowered box

This monthly stationery box will provide a mix of the following: journal prompts, scrapbook materials, vintage ephemera, found inspiration, writing utensils, gluesticks, washi tape, stickers, and surprise goodies to help you create your art journal pages.

Get the Found and Flowered box: Found and Flowered.com | CrateJoy

The Citrus Twist kits

Choose from a scrapbook kit or a Grace Box kit to use in your Journaling Bible. Each month has multiple themes to choose from.

Citrus kits include stickers, die-cut cardstock, stamps, journaling cards, bookmarks, and labels. Each kit is built around a particular theme.

Order the Citrus Twist kit.

Crafted Faith Crate

Crafted Faith Crate
Crafted Faith Crate

This subscription box is for girls and women who love to be creative and want to use Bible journaling to grow in their faith. The Crafted Faith Crate contains two handmade craft kits plus all the tools and supplies needed to create the monthly design.

Each kit also includes a short devotional, a faith-based waterproof sticker, and a set of matching Bible verse art prints. The recipient is encouraged to keep one of the prints and gift the other to a friend.

Get the Crafted Faith Crate: Thoughts of Joy | CrateJoy

Bible Study Christian Subscription Boxes

If you’re looking to increase your faith, Bible studies and Bible study books are a great way to dig deep into a spiritual discipline, book, or topic. The Christian subscription boxes in this section all include material that serve to get you in the Word.

The Delilah Box

Learn about the lesser women in the Bible. Each month, the Delilah box has goodies centered around a different woman of the Bible. Boxes include 2 books, tea, a Bible journaling item, and a Bible study brochure.

Order the Delilah Box: Grace & Delilah | CrateJoy

Bible Study Insider

Bible Study Insider
Bible Study Insider

This box from Lifeway is designed for Bible study group leaders. Each Bible Study Insider box includes 12+ of the latest Lifeway short-term Bible studies.

Each Bible Study Insider box includes a $50 voucher, equal to the cost of the membership, to use when you purchase your next Lifeway Bible study.

Subscribe to the Bible Study Insider

The Loved and Blessed Subscription Box

Each month a new topic is started on the 1st, members have up to the 20th to sign up for a new box. Boxes ship around the 22nd. Items are unique to Loved and Blessed and includes a devotion, Scripture card, mini poster, and an encouragement kit. Items in the kit follow the monthly theme.

Members also get access to the Loved and Blessed community and access to all the videos and workbooks in the library.

Get the Loved and Blessed subscription box: Loved & Blessed | CrateJoy

The Loved and Blessed Subscription Box
The Loved and Blessed Subscription Box

The Gospel Box

The Gospel Box
The Gospel Box

The Gospel Box prepares you, cultivate and grow ideas for you to uniquely share the gospel with excitement on this lifelong journey answering the call of our Savior.

The Gospel Box includes Scriptures, accessories, tools, gifts and more. This box is shareable. Write your favorite Scripture in the box, include a gift that promotes Jesus Christ and share it with someone else.

Order The Gospel Box

Christian Subscription Boxes to Increase Your Faith

Let’s face it, the Christian life can be hard. Without a strong faith and an involved community, it’s easy for Christians to walk away from God. These Christian subscription boxes are filled with items that serve to encourage you when your faith is weak.

InJoy Box

Each InJoy Box is filled with fun and encouraging items, and include one personalized item with the recipient’s name.

InJoy boxes are available for women, men, and kids.

Get the InJoy box: Injoy | CrateJoy

InJoy Box
The InJoy Box

Bette’s Box of Blessings

Bette's Box of Blessings
Bette’s Box of Blessings

Items in the box are chosen based on the monthly theme. Boxes include books and other materials that will be helpful to increase a believer’s faith.

Subscribe to Bette’s Box of Blessings: CrateJoy | Bette’s Box of Blessings


Each Faithbox has a unique theme to help each Christian live their faith values on a daily basis. Every Faithbox includes a custom 31-day devotional, a book by a Christian author, and products sourced from companies that do good around the world. Each member gets access to the Faithbox digital community.

Choose from two options: Faithbox or Faithpax.

Faithpak is a lower monthly subscription that includes a custom 31-day devotional, a book by a Christian author, and a daily devotional video based on the day’s reading.

Order your FaithBox: FaithBox | Faithpak |CrateJoy


Live Your Faith with Christian Subscription Boxes

Express your faith! The Christian subscription boxes in this section give you tangible expressions of your faith (that are not bookish). Boxes include items such as skin care products, jewelry, artwork, or a piece of decor for your home.

Purp-ess Box

Purp-ess Box
The Purp-ess Box

Each monthly box contains fresh handmade all natural soap and bath essentials. Each month we will use a different ‘purposeful’ ingredient that has a unique benefit to the skin.

This purposeful ingredient will be related to a Biblical principle and emphasizing one’s greatest purpose in life. Learn the “purposeful” ingredient’s benefits, where and how it is derived.

Lathered Box: 1 bar of handmade, natural vegan soap plus at least 1, (and sometimes 2) surprise items

Splish Splash Box: 1 bar of handcrafted, natural, vegan soap, 1 whipped sugar scrub, plus 1 (and sometimes 2) surprise items

Order your Purp-ess Box: Splish Splash Box | Lathered Box | CrateJoy

The Butterfly Box

Each month’s box is designed to illustrate a biblical theme that encourages spiritual growth. The Butterfly Box items such as jewelry, artwork, books, decor, personal pampering items, faith sharing cards and other specialty gifts.

Get your Butterfly Box subscription: Butterfly Box | CrateJoy

The Butterfly Box
The Butterfly Box

I hope this list of Christian subscription boxes gave you some new ideas of how to get some inspiration in your spiritual life. Have you tried any of these subscription services? What Christian subscription service would you have added to the list?

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