The Ten Commandments of Marriage

The Ten Commandments of Marriage

Many of us can recite or at least have a passing knowledge of the Ten Commandments of God. But how many of us actually think of incorporating them into our marriage?

Is God's hand evident in our marriages? Are the commandments being lived out in our relationship each day?

A Check-Up for Our Marriages

We’re taking a break from looking at couples to see how we can apply Biblical marriage concepts to our marriage.

I have to admit, the thought never occurred to me until I watched a sermon by Pastor Henry Wright. Because of that message, I’m introducing a series of questions designed to see if we are practicing God’s commandments in our marriages.

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The Commandments of Marriage

Is Jehovah God, Creator of the universe, Father of Jesus Christ at the center of your marriage?

Do you invite God to be a part of your relationship?

Do we have idols in our marriage? Do we put things like success, money, power ahead of our marriage?

Are our friends, our jobs, or our children, more important to us than our marriage?

When we make promises before God, e.g. “in sickness, health, til death do us part”, did we mean it? Or are we only in the relationship while the going is good?

Does your family take time each week to rest and worship together?

Do you remember to praise God weekly for your marriage?

A lot of us have … difficulties with our in-laws, but in spite of that, are we honoring their roles as parents?

Are we honoring them for the role they played in giving rise to this individual that you are now committed to?

For those of us who are parents, do we honor our spouses’ role as father or mother? We need to give credit to our spouses for the role they play in our children’s lives.

Death and life are in the power of the tongue (Proverbs 18:21). One of the teachings of Jesus was that whoever is angry with his brother is as guilty as is one who commits murder (Matthew 5:21-23). Are we using our tongues to build up or to tear down our spouses?

It’s never okay to have another person in the relationship. Sexual relationships are obviously off-limits. But, are we having an emotional relationship with someone who is not our spouse?

Do we deplete your partner’s emotional bank account? Are our withdrawals greater than our deposits?

Do we over-state expenses to get “extra” money?

Do we “borrow” money from his/her wallet?

Do we tell lies about our spouses? Do we exaggerate their flaws or their abilities?

Are we lusting after someone who is not our spouse?

Do we wish we had someone else’s bank account? Or figure? Or looks? Or their job?

Too many times we cast blame on each other for the barren state of our relationships. But, the truth of the matter is, if Christ is not at the center of our lives, all our relationships (including our marriages) are doomed to fail.

Let’s Pray

Lord, I thank You for the reminder that You are to be at the heart of all that I do. I invite the presence of the Holy Spirit into my life and into my marriage. In Jesus’ name. Amen.

Is the law of God evident in our marriage? A prayer for our marriage.

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Which one of God’s law is most difficult for you to blend into your marriage?

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