Called to Be Killed

Called to Be Killed

He was to be King David, the anointed king of Israel. The prophet Samuel had traveled miles at the Lord’s bidding to lay the mantle of leadership on him. His brothers were there for his anointing and so was his father.

But still, it was years before David was in the position to occupy his throne. The current king was still alive and was reluctant to give up his crown. Saul knew he had lost favor in the eyes of the Lord.

He knew that the new king had been chosen and that it was just a matter of time before he was no longer ruler of the Israelites. But, he greedily clung to the illusion of leadership. Saul’s excuse was that he was preserving the kingdom for his son (I Samuel 20:30-31). But at what price?

At the cost of David’s life.

King David Was Called to be Killed

1 Samuel 23:14

At the time of our key verse, David was hiding in the Wilderness of Ziph not wanting Saul to take his life. He should have been king, but instead, he remained in hiding because King Saul had gone mad and sought to kill him. Doeg the Edomite had just informed Saul that David had been seen in Nob with Ahimelech the priest.

The bloodthirsty Saul had initiated the murder of the priest and his entire household (I Samuel 22:16-19). Only one person escaped – Abiathar – and brought the tale to David (I Samuel 22:20-23).

One of the things I love about this time in David’s life is the fact that he took the time to reassure the frightened young man, “With me you shall be in safekeeping”(I Samuel 22:23). The faith that David showed in God may be the very reason why even though Saul looked for him every day, he could not find him.

God kept David safe.

This needs to be a constant reminder for us. When we put our faith in God He protects us from the snares and traps of the enemy. Saul was a veteran of war yet the young David had nothing to fear from him. That’s because he had the Lord of hosts on his side.

There is no greater strategist, no greater general, no one more skilled in battle than God and if we put our trust in Him He will protect us.

Let’s Pray

Lord, we ask You to increase our faith. Give us just that mustard seed of faith so that we will be able to move the mountains that the enemy puts in our way. We thank You for Your continued protection. In Jesus’ name. Amen.

Let’s Chat

What would you do if you were called for a purpose only to realize that it involved your death? Would you remain faithful as David did, or would you like Jonah to run away?

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