But First An Apology

But First An Apology

I haven’t written in ages and that’s not what’s supposed to happen in October – not when you’re taking the Write 31 Days challenge so I wanted to explain. Remember how I told you on day 1 that I was running from Hurricane Matthew?

A team of us were sent overseas to maintain normal business operations as the hurricane was headed straight to Jamaica. We were supposed to be back on Wednesday/Thursday – meaning we would start traveling on Wednesday but not get home until Thursday. But we didn’t.

We had our flights changed to Friday as there were some processes that we wanted to ensure we’re covered and then Matthew started stalking us. We were scheduled to layover in Miami but – there was Matthew.

We got rescheduled to travel through Charlotte only to realize that Matthew was headed straight up the East Coast. Thankfully we were able to make it home safely on Saturday. Still with all the packing and unpacking and changing flights I was exhausted… forgive me for not writing.

Before we move on I want to take a few moments to acknowledge the lives that were lost during Hurricane Matthew. My heart goes out to those persons who lost a loved one or who lost their homes during the storm. I pray that God will raise up some “good Samaritans” to help those in need.

I also want to remind us of the importance of praying for our countries. The world is in such a state that people believe that they can do anything without consequences. We have no fear of repercussion and so we blatantly – and blissfully! – do as our hearts desire.

Standing in the Gap

Unfortunately, our heart’s desire is not to worship and praise Jehovah. Oh no! Every intention of our heart is pure evil and that’s a frequency we’re tuned into all the time. Then a calamity seems headed in our direction – sadly, a lot of the time we don’t even realize it.

We are so busy doing our own thing that it is an observer who notices the danger headed our way and intervenes on our behalf. It is the prayers of this person that prevents the disaster – someone stands in the gap and we are saved. But – I’m soapboxing, what’s my point?

As Christians, we need to be prepared to stand in the gap between the wrath of God and our wayward nations. Our prayers are capable of averting danger. Our prayers are capable of delaying judgment. Don’t believe me? Check out the story of Abraham and Sodom and Gomorrah in Genesis 18:16-33.

Before destroying the lands of the plain, God shared the plan for judgment with his friend Abraham. The conversation that followed was one where Abraham repeatedly interceded for the people of these lands that were earmarked for destruction.

Unfortunately, God was unable to find ten righteous people which would have resulted in him sparing the land. What he did find was one righteous man and he gave that man and his family the chance to be saved.

Similarly, if we walk with God he will give a listening ear to our request for mercy. He will stay his hand on our behalf. Are you a friend of God? Are you standing in the gap for others?

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