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Bible verse wallpapers are a great way to keep Scripture near to you and may even help you to hide God’s Word in your heart. Let’s face it, we spend a lot of time on our phones, wouldn’t it be nice if these devices can be used to remind us of what’s important?

How Bible Verse Wallpapers Can Increase Your Faith

Bible verse wallpapers can help to increase your faith. I know what you’re thinking, there’s no way something as simple as what you have as a screensaver can improve your spiritual journey. Let me share a few tips for using Scripture backgrounds to improve your spiritual health.

1. Bible Verse Memorization

So let me ask you a question, how many times a day do you pick up your phone and look at the screen? If you’re anything like me your answer is too many times.

What if, instead of having a pretty but meaningless background we have an image with a Bible verse we were trying to memorize? What if, instead of quickly swiping away to read the next post on social media, the next great book, or whatever it is that you do on your phone, you take a few moments to read the verse on your screen?

Scripture wallpaper is a great way to hide pieces of God’s Word in your heart. When used with intention, they can help us memorize at least one new verse every week.

2. Scripture Wallpapers Motivate

Free Bible verse wallpapers mockup

Bible wallpapers are a great tool for motivating yourself. The Bible has a lot of positive things to say. By using a Bible verse with background design, you have an easy way to encourage yourself throughout the day, plus it’s pretty to look at.

Simply download Scripture wallpaper with your favorite verse and you have a built-in motivator throughout your day. One verse that is often saved as my lock screen is Psalm 141:3, this is a reminder that I need to be mindful of what I say.

3. Bible Verse Wallpapers Speak Truth

Phone wallpapers come in a wide variety these days and if you can’t find one you like you can always make one. But we can use our screensavers as a way speaking truth into our lives.

Bible wallpaper can be a way to remind yourself of key truth throughout the day. All of us struggle with something and there’s nothing the enemy likes more than to whisper lies into our soul. But we can refute the lies of the enemy with God’s truth one Scripture wallpaper at a time.

Free Christian Wallpapers

Now that you know what a great resource Bible verse wallpapers are, I’d like to share some with you in the hopes that you take the recommended actions and increase your faith. Each Bible verse wallpaper in this collection is inspired by a Scripture that speaks about the love of God.

Bible verse wallpapers about love

These phone wallpapers are free to download–no subscription required.

CLICK HERE to access the library of Bible verse wallpapers about love.

Black and White Bible Verse Wallpaper

There are times when you just want the Bible verse without being distracted by the background. These black and white Bible verse wallpapers may initially seem stark, but are beautiful in their simplicity.

This collection of Bible quotes wallpapers will remind you of truth all day long (or at least any time you look at your phone).

Black and white Bible verse wallpapers

Access the library of free black & white Bible verse wallpapers.

Christmas Bible Verse Wallpaper

Christmas can often become a time to focus on gift-giving or family time. But Christmas is more than that, it’s about remembering the birth of our Savior. These Christmas Bible verse wallpapers will remind you of the reason for the season.

Christmas Bible Verse Wallpaper mockup

CLICK HERE to access the library of free Christmas Bible Verse Wallpapers.

More Scripture Wallpapers

Access even more awesome Christian wallpapers for mobile phones when you become a Hebrews 12 Endurance subscriber. Join the Hebrews 12 Endurance community and get access to the full library of Bible study tools, printables, worksheets, and Bible verse wallpapers.

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Free Bible verse wallpapers



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