Free Bible Study Printables and Worksheets

Bible study printables and worksheets are a great addition to your Bible study time. They help you to focus on a passage of Scripture, theme, or topic. But sometimes, it’s hard to find printables that will enhance your Bible study time rather than detract from it, especially when you’re on a budget.

I’d like to help you by providing a number of Bible study worksheets and printables that you can download for absolutely nothing.

Why Bible Study Printables and Worksheets Can Help

You may be wondering how a printable or worksheet can help you in your devotional time, so let’s talk about that first.

Many of us don’t have as much time to devote to reading and studying the Bible as we would like. Life is busy. For that reason, we have to be smart about managing our time.

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One way we can do this in our quiet time is to have a plan and that’s where printables and worksheets can help.

Free Bible stud printables and worksheets
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1. Bible Study Worksheets and Printables Provide Focus

Bible study worksheets and printables can be a lifesaver by helping us to focus on the task at hand. By having a list of things of things to do, read, or a series of questions to ask, it alleviates the floundering that sometimes causes us to resort to what I call Bible roulette (opening the Bible to a random page and asking God to show us a sign).

2. Worksheets and Printable Bible Study Lessons Provide Guidance

As Christians, we want to read and study the Bible. But the thought of 66 books, thousands of pages, and who knows how many verses and chapters can become overwhelming. It can be so overwhelming we never get past our good intentions and actually get in the Word.

Printables and worksheets provide guidance. We are given a specific passage of Scripture, topic, or verse to focus on. We are directed through a series of actions that help us to understand God’s Word in new ways, or at least, to see it with fresh eyes.

How to Use Bible Study Worksheets and Printables

I should point out that while worksheets and printables are great resources to enhance your time with God, they are not the Bible. They should be used in tandem with the Bible and are a way to improve your quiet time and should not detract from it.

While most creators of Bible study resources provide instructions on how to use the tools, you have a part to play as well. Start by asking yourself these questions:

  1. What type of Bible study printable or worksheet are you looking for? Are you looking for a reading plan? Do you need a Bible study on a topic or book of the Bible? Do you need something to help you marshal or work through your thoughts?
  2. Do you have time to use the printable or worksheet? It’s one thing to download a beautiful Bible study template, but if you only have 15-minutes to read your Bible, will you have time to use the worksheet?
  3. Will you use the Bible study material? This may seem like a no-brainer but, before you download the worksheet, think about whether it’s something you can realistically use. A printable Bible study lesson is no use if it sits in your download folder without being used.

Once you have answered these three vital questions, you’re ready to start using your printable Bible study guide. You can get the most out of these resources by following the steps below.

  1. Make sure it’s in an accessible format. If you’re a girl who likes pen and paper, print out a copy ahead of time and keep it with the rest of your Bible study supplies.
  2. Read the instructions (if any) that come with the printable. Bible study worksheets are usually fairly easy to figure out, but you don’t want to be fumbling during the precious moments you have carved out to study the Word.
  3. Collect all the necessary resources. The Bible printable or worksheet may be associated with a lesson. You want to make sure that you have every thing you need so that when you start to study the Bible, you do not have to get up for anything. Print a copy of the study beforehand so you have it to use.

Learn more about how to study the Bible.

Bible Reading Plans

Bible reading plans are a great way to zero in on a topic in the Bible, reading through a particular book, or reading the entire Bible over a period of time.

12 month printable Bible reading plan

Rosevine Cottage Girls: This 12 Month Bible Reading Challenge will get you through the Bible from Genesis to Revelation in a year.

Katrina D Hamel: This Bible reading plan is a cover to cover experience but could also be used as an Old Testament/New Testament reading plan.

What Moms Make: Elizebeth’s Bible reading plan takes you through the New Testament in 30 days.

Bible Study Printables & Worksheets

Bible study printables and worksheets are a great addition to your Bible study kit. These printables and worksheets are available free of charge though some are only accessible to subscribers.

Megan Allen Ministries: Her John 1 Bible Study is great for anyone new to the inductive method of study or who wants to go deeper in the first chapter of what has been dubbed as the love gospel.

John 1 Bible Study journal

Rachel Wojo: This a collection of free Bible study printables which includes Bible reading plans, Bible study guides, and Bible journaling pages.

Busy Blessed Women: Access the library of Bible printables, Bible verse cards, and printable coloring pages.

Rejoice at Thy Word: Access the collection of Bible Study worksheets that include reading plans, and creative ways to study the Bible. Risen Motherhood: has a number of free printable Bible worksheets include Scripture cards and study sheets.

Being Confident of This: Jen offers an array of Bible worksheets and printables.

Risen Motherhood: This site has a number of free printable Bible worksheets include Scripture cards and study sheets.

Hebrews 12 Endurance: Join the community and get access to the library of Bible study printables.

Free Bible Study Guides

Bible study guides are another great resource to have in your Bible study toolkit.

Amazing has a number of study guides that you can use to study the Bible. Explore their library of 27 Bible study guides with topics ranging from who created the devil to the bride of Christ.

Sarah Frazer: Get Bible study guides and more when you join Sarah’s email list.

Free Bible Study Templates

Bible study templates allow you to use a pre-formatted document as a guideline to achieve a particular result. These are helpful when doing things like a word or character study.

Kristy Cambron: Download the verse mapping template and start digging into the Word in new ways.

I’m Listening to God: Download Bible study method templates including the ABC Bible study method, and the SOAP devotional method template. This site also includes a number of Bible study workbooks that follow the inductive Bible study method. Explore studies on various psalms, spiritual warfare, advent, and more.

Bible Study Workbooks

Bible study workbooks usually include a space for the participant to add their notes to the Bible study. Bible study workbooks may be topical or based on a book of the Bible.

Free Online Bible Study: Enjoy Bible study lessons that can be used as an individual study or in a group. Bible study lessons include discussion questions and weekly chapter studies.

Bible Study Lessons: Explore studies on various books of the Bible. Bible study lessons include discussion questions and invite you to interact with the Bible as you seek to know more about God’s Word.

Bible Study Printables Enhance Your Devotional Time

Bible study printables are a great addition to your quiet time with God. They allow you to zero in and focus on a particular topic, theme, or book of the Bible. I hope this list of resources will give you additional Bible study tools to enhance your walk with God.

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