Best Nonfiction Books of 2019

Best Nonfiction Books of 2019

Best Nonfiction Books of 2019

Let’s talk about the best nonfiction books of 2019. According to Goodreads, I read 94 books in 2019, these are some of the ones that stood out for me.

I have categorized them to make it easier for you.

Best Nonfiction Books of 2019
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Books for Personal Spiritual Growth

Finding Beautiful

Where do you find true beauty? Rebecca Friedlander went on a nine-month adventure across the globe to find the answer to that question.

What she found was that women–regardless of their background–shared many of the same lies about their identity.

Finding Beautiful features the stories of twelve women (thirteen if you count Rebecca’s). It also includes photographs depicting how the women saw themselves before Christ and after.

A picture is worth a thousand words and you may be shocked to see your own limiting beliefs displayed on the faces of women you’ve never met.

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Best Nonfiction Books for Parents

Our children are a heritage from God, as such, we have a responsibility to be the best parents we can be. That includes learning from the experts, and for me, that also includes reading books.

The list below is composed of books you can read to learn how to be a better parent, books you can read with your child or books your child can read to help them address some of the things they’re going through.


Winning the Heart of Your Child

As parents, we have a desire to do what’s best for our child. But many times that translates to us focusing on correcting our children’s behavior instead of connecting with them.

Winning the Heart of Your Child reminds us that our main aim is to be a healthy, positive influence for your child.

Are parents expected to set boundaries? Of course, they are! But we need to learn to set them with love.

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3-Minute Devotions for Mommy and Me

This beautiful book is geared towards children ages 3-6 and is a great way to explore some of the main topics of put faith while at the same time opening the discussion to dive a little deeper.

3-Minute Devotions for Mommy and Me covered the basic truths of Christianity such as:

  • • God loves us
  • • He hears and listens to us
  • • He answers prayers
  • • He teaches us
  • • Jesus died for our sins

Children are encouraged to read their Bible, pray and pursue a friendship with God. Some of the devotions contain material that could lead to deeper discussions thus strengthening the child’s bond with their mother. Ms. Thureen was not afraid to approach more challenging topics such as:

Each topic was handled in a way that would be easy for a child to assimilate, and to make it even better the illustrations are beautiful, colorful and appealing.


Best Nonfiction Books for Teenagers

As I prepared to write Royal Life Lessons from the Book of Esther, I read to see if I was writing in a way that was appropriate for teens. Here are two of the best books I read in 2019.


Follow Jesus

What are your teenagers doing on the internet? As the mother of a preteen, I can tell that’s a very important question. But it’s also one that is difficult to answer.

Teens are exploring the world and for a teenager growing up in the 21st century that means checking out what’s available online.

For parents that mostly means one of two things:

  1. Are you going to patrol your teen’s internet usage? This usually means hours spent checking their footprints online (if you can find them) and putting stringent measures in place for breaking the rules. Or,
  2. Empowering them with the skills to make the right choices as they navigate the internet.

Follow Jesus falls into the second bucket. This book gives your teen the resources to make the right choices online so that they represent your family and Jesus in a positive light.


Sex, Purity, And the Longings of a Girl’s Heart

How does the modern Christian woman embrace God’s design for sexuality when the world bombards her with things such as lust, pornography, erotica, and casual sex?

This book handles the sexual struggles of today’s woman in a way that is relatable and real.

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While this book is marketed to Christian women, I believe the material is appropriate to share with teenage girls who may or may not be struggling with their sexuality.

Books About Marriage

During the course of writing my book Through God’s Eyes: Marriage Lessons for Women, and also in a bid to strengthen my own marriage, I read a number of marriage books in 2019. Here are two of my favorites.


10 Choices Successful Couples Make

Marriage is about choices. Dr. Ron Welch shares ten choices every couple can make in the marriage to strengthen their relationship.

One of the choices we can make for our marriage is to let go of our baggage from past relationships.

Whether your marriage is your first intimate relationship or not, you have emotional baggage from past relationships. When you choose to let go of them, you give your marriage a better chance of surviving.

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Ready Or Knot: 12 Conversations Every Couple Needs to Have Before Marriage

While marriage has been around since the Garden of Eden there’s a lot we don’t know about it. Especially since we tend to approach it from an emotional rather than an intellectual perspective.

Now don’t get me wrong–you should love and care for the person you plan to marry but it needs to be more than that.

Scott Kedersha walks you through 12 conversations you should have before you walk down the aisle.

He covers topics such as faith, financial stewardship, and emotional intimacy. Even if you’ve been married for a while, you may find it useful to have these conversations with your spouse.

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What titles would you add to this “best nonfiction books of 2019” list?

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