Best Fiction Books of 2019

Best Fiction Books of 2019

Best Fiction Books of 2019

Let’s talk about the best fiction books of 2019. So, I took a few moments to look at all the books I read in 2019 (at least the ones that were on my Goodreads page or what I remembered to write down). I noticed two things: since I decided to start tracking my reading list I read a lot more books and there are definite themes to the books that I’m drawn to.

But I’m sure you don’t want to know everything I read last year…instead here are some of the best fiction books I read in 2019.

Best Fiction Books of 2019
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Best Books of 2019: Fantasy

As I try to get up the nerve to try writing fiction, I’ve been trying to expand my scope. I realized that while I enjoyed watching fantasy movies, I didn’t really read fantasy books. That’s one of the reasons I decided to sign up to read Bethany Atazedah’s The Stolen Kingdom (that and because I love her videos on YouTube). After reading book one I couldn’t wait to read The Jinni Key.

And those books were awesome. I’m hesitant to read fantasy because I fear they will be dark and include a lot of magic and while there were some fantastic elements, they were neither nor ominous.

You can read my full review on Goodreads.
The Stolen Kingdom
The Jinni Key

Both stories retold popular fairytales with a twist. They were fun yet exciting to read at the same time.


Best Books of 2019: Contemporary Fiction

Me Before You

Me Before You is the story of Louisa Clark who is hired to care for paraplegic Will Traynor. At first, the two don’t hit it off but something about Louisa’s naivety and passion for life gets through to Will. Eventually, he lets her into his inner circle and a relationship blooms.

What Made Me Before You Great

I was surprised by how much I liked this book because it didn’t seem as if much happened. But I enjoyed the subtlety of two people influencing each other to be better. I had so much hope for the two of them as a couple that I cried at the end and refused to read (or listen to) anything for a few days (it may have been weeks).


Forever, Lately

In this Regency time-travel romance, Claire Channing is an author of historical romance who needs a bestseller to revive her fledgling career. When she starts to pop into the Regency period of her story and meets her characters face to face she thinks she’s lucid dreaming.
Imagine her surprise when she finds out that her characters are as real as she is and the male lead has set his sights on her!

What Made Forever, Lately Great

Okay, so I’m a geek for time-travel romance books. I loved walking with the characters as they reacted to the new world they were in and seeing them respond to being shoved out of their comfort zone. Read the full review of Forever, Lately.


Here to Stay

Autumn has always dreamed of adventure and learning the small town she grew up in. but life had other plans for her and so she remained in Whisper Shore long after she wanted to.

Hunter has had all the adventure to last him a lifetime and is looking forward to living in a place where not much happens.

So what will happen when these two reconnect? Magic of course. And lots of drama and fun.

What Made Here to Stay Great

Autumn reminded me of so many people I know including myself…sometimes the dream of your heart doesn’t always work out as you hoped it would but somehow you have to keep going, keep praying, keep striving…believing that God is faithful and wants the best for you even if you don’t get what you want.

Best Fiction Books of 2019: Historical Fiction

All Manner of Things

This book by Susie Finkbeiner tells the story of a family forever changed by the wars they fought. Annie Jacobson tells the story. After her brother Mike enlists in the army, he gives her a piece of paper with their father’s address—the man who had walked out on his family after he returned from war and was no longer able to relate to his family.

His actions impacted the entire family who spent decades trying to make sense of it and move on with their lives in the process. What they get in the aftermath of Mike’s deployment is a series of moments that become more tense and complicated as layers are added each time.

Read All Manner of Things by Susie Finkbeiner


What Made All Manner of Things Great

Again, this book was so conversational it seemed as if nothing much was happening yet it also made me cry in 2019 (and no I don’t cry for every book. It’s rear when a book brings me to tears so to have two books in one year was nothing short of amazing).

This was a great read because it was easy to become so invested in the characters. You wanted to learn more about them. You wanted to be there when they gathered around the table or when they opened their hearts to new friendships.


A Reluctant Belle

Joelle is all for building a school for the former slaves. The trouble is she lives in Mississippi at a time when the Ku Klux Klan is growing in power.

She is compelled to join forces with her longtime enemy Schuyler and the sparks fly.

This story showcased a heroine who was not afraid to stand up for what she believed in even when it meant she could be in danger.


What Made A Reluctant Belle Great

The relationship between Joelle and Schuyler was swoon-worthy. But what I loved were the bits of history sprinkled throughout the story and the reminder of how God works in our lives.


Best Books of 2019: Christian Fiction

Heart of A Royal

As part of my bid to start writing fiction, I decided to read a lot more Christian fiction last year and as such tried a lot of new writers. Hannah Currie was one of them and boy was I glad I decided to read this book.

What Made Heart of A Royal Great

I loved how Hannah Currie wove the theme throughout this story. But she did it in such a way that it was a mystery. When it was finally revealed it was mindblowing how everything fit together and pointed to her theme.

Read: God Uses All Things For Good


Forget Me Now

This story of a teenaged girl reliving the same day is reminiscent of Groundhog Day and Fifty First Dates only the reader gets additional glimpses into what’s really going on.

What Made Forget Me Now Great

Alana Terry did a great show of showcasing Mia’s confusion while revealing little pieces of the bigger story to the reader. When the story finally unraveled and the author revealed her underlying theme, it was so subtle you couldn’t help but be amazed at how everything tied together.

Read God Uses All Things For Good


A Love Like Ours

As children, Jake and Lindsay were inseparable until Lindsay’s parents moved to California. When finally moves back to Texas, Jake is a war veteran and an expert at shutting people out.

What Made A Love Like Ours Great

This story had all the feels. The opening scene showed the connection between Jake and Lindsay and made you sad when they were separated.

And when they were reunited…it was just beautiful. Oh don’t think they got together without some drama but you’re going to have to read the book to get the details.

What I really loved was the feeling I came away with: God is good. Regardless of what’s going on in your life, God is good. What we’re experiencing or how we feel can’t change the character of God.


Best Books of 2019: Biblical Fiction

Crimson Cord

Okay, so I admit it, I'm not a huge fan of Biblical Fiction. I keep hearing other readers rave about it but something about it makes me a little uncomfortable. I think it's because I'm wary of persons using too much imagination when they're reading the Bible.

Don't get me wrong--I love to imagine the characters and try to guess at their motives so the stories come alive for me. I guess my real fear is that the made-up story is what will stick in the minds and not the biblical account.

I don't want us to lose what the Bible actually says because we're busy remembering all the things it didn't say.

Alright, sermon over. Crimson Cord tells the story of Rahab the prostitute. A lot of it was made up but the writer was careful to include the biblical account where she could. While she did take some creative liberties with the story, I found myself caught up in Rahab's story as told by Jill Eileen Smith.


Dividing Sword

This debut novel by Katrina Hamel was based on the book of Matthew. She created two fictional characters divided by their view of Jesus' ministry. One was a Pharisee and automatically opposed him, while the other was a disciple who learned to follow and believe in him. To further complicate matters, the two were cousins--besties--when they were younger.

Dividing Sword encouraged you to look at the ministry of Jesus through fresh eyes. Why did the Pharisees react as they did and what would you have done had you been there?

These two Christian fiction books helped me to understand why persons rave about biblical fiction and claimed that it heightened their study of the Bible.

Thanks for sticking around to check out my best fiction books of 2019. What were your favorites reads of the year?

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