7 of the Best Bible Study Apps

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If you’re new to studying the Bible or even if you’ve been doing it for a long time, Bible study apps are a great more to get more out of your quiet time with God.

Bible study apps provide daily Bible verses, devotional readings, and tools to do in-depth studies in the Word.

If you’re curious about what apps you should be using or if you’re on the lookout for new Bible study tools, keep reading.

What is a Bible Study App?

Simply put, a Bible study app is an application software that facilitates Bible study. But all apps are not created equal and you may be wondering what makes a good Bible study app.

What is a Good Bible Study App?

A good Bible study app should aid and not hamper. That means it should be:

  • User-friendly: functions should be easily understood and accessible
  • Have few distractions (little or no ads)
  • Friendly to the eyes: material should be organized using colors and fonts that are computer-compatible and easy on the eyes

The beauty about Bible study apps is that some of them have a PC version. In most cases, there are a few differences in functionalities but the major functions remain the same.

Most of the apps below also include an audio Bible so you can have the Word of God read to you in different translations.

7 of the Best Bible Study Apps
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7 Awesome Bible Study Apps

Over the years, I’ve tried a lot of Bible study resources. Some of them were great, others were not-so-great. But there were some that I kept using time after time. These apps and websites provided me with the best experience as I learned to study God’s Word.

Here are seven of my favorite Bible study apps (arranged in no particular order). I hope these apps will help you to explore the Word of God as you draw closer to Him.


YouVersion (formerly The Bible App): get a wide selection of devotionals by topic, season, or event. Create a community as you pray with others and go through the same devotional series. The daily verses are easy to share as they come with pre-made templates, as well as, easily modified ones.

Blue Letter Bible

Blue Letter Bible: go deeper in the Word as you dig into the Hebrew, Aramaic, Greek words of the original manuscripts. Compare various versions of the verse you’re studying. Get access to Bible commentaries and get a deeper understanding of the God’s Word.

Verse by Verse

Verse by Verse Bible Study App: explore a wide variety of verse-by-verse Bible studies. Each study includes a downloadable PDF file and comes with video teachings that are great for learning more about the topic or for use with a small group.

Bible Gateway

Bible Gateway: this Bible study app is a great place to compare Bible translations, listen to audio Bibles, and read commentaries. Bible Gateway also has an active blog where users can read devotionals. There is also a monthly/annual membership option available where additional Bible study tools are available. Access Bible dictionaries, encyclopedias, and concordances.

Bible Hub

Bible Hub: the beauty of this app is that you’re able to study the Bible verse-by-verse. When you enter a verse, you are able to compare available translations and to read the commentaries on a verse-by-verse basis. Bible Hub also has the Strong’s Concordance, daily devotionals, and study Bibles to enhance your walk with God.


Superbook: this Bible study app is designed for children and is a good app for creating disciples (plus you may find it a fun way to get your Bible study on). The Superbook app has games for memorizing Scripture, understanding Bible lessons, and reinforcing the stories of the Bible. Watch animated Bible stories, read character studies and profiles on the land of the Bible.


Ginoskos: a free user account is needed to use this app. The Ginoskos Bible study app allows users to learn the original language of the Bible. Courses on the site teaches users biblical Aramaic, Hebrew and Greek. Exercises allows learners to learn and translate various texts of the Bible from their original language.

Study the Bible at Home

Many Christians don’t study the Bible because quite frankly, it can be intimidating. But the key to studying the Bible on your own is to start small and get the right resources. These apps which are available for both I-phones and androids will make the process less daunting.

Choose the option you like the best (but at least choose one) and start studying the Word of God today.

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