Awakening to Beauty in Our Midst Book Review

Awakening to Beauty in Our Midst Book Review

Do you go through the trials of life still searching for beauty? Even amidst chronic illness, debilitating pain, and grief, Melanie Fagan insists there is still hope, healing, and peace. “What if I told you the noticing is as meaningful as air; that we’re constantly invited into a deeper communion with our Creator?” 

Join Melanie as she takes you on a journey of faith where the Lord led her through some of the hardest circumstances by transforming them into moments of grace and beauty.  

Awakening to Beauty in Our Midst guides you through ten key steps using story, scripture, and prayer that will spark your creative spirit in a solid Biblical way. 

In each step, you may discover a calm peacefulness and purpose within your soul; altering the way in which you cope and honor the Lord with  your struggles, and your gifts. 

Take the journey of claiming the Joy of the Lord as your strength and guide through whatever life brings your way.

A review of Melanie Fagan's debut novel Awakening to Beauty in Our Midst.

Melanie Fagan’s debut novel is a call for readers everywhere to find beauty in their lives.

Suffering from chronic illness, Melanie has learned that focusing on the beauty around us can be a great pain reliever, or at least, can give the mind something positive to focus on when in the midst of great distress.

Divided into twelve chapters (including the introduction), Awakening to Beauty is a short memoir where Melanie asks us to notice, focus, praise and appreciate the beauty around us.

Each chapter has Bible verses or short stories from the Bible that encourage us to worship a creative God and to push through to the faith-building experience on the other side of our pain.

A short read, Awakening to Beauty in Our Midst, will challenge the way you experience life even in the midst of chronic pain. Awakening to Beauty was released on February 14, 2017.

Update – December 2018: This book is no longer available for purchase on Amazon.

I agreed to write a review of Awakening to Beauty in Our Midst in exchange for a free copy of the book, I didn’t receive any other compensation. These are my own opinions.

About Melanie

Melanie Fagan is a wife to Mike and mother of two amazing daughters, Hailey and Autumn. Recently, they rescued two adorable, fun-loving cats, King Tut and Moose, who add much joy to the mix.

She seeks to live at the intersection of Jesus and all things beautiful through the trials of life and chronic illness.

She believes that through faith and creativity there is a well of hope, of peace, even healing. Join her as she takes His hand, dreams boldly while living out her life verse of Romans 8:28; “all things work together for good for those who love God.” She loves to share messages of hope through her images, writing, and creative inspiration at

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